Video: Firefox 4 Beta now available for Android

by: James TromansOctober 8, 2010
Firefox 4 Beta 1 for Android

Firefox 4 Beta 1 for Android

Mozilla have finally released an official Beta version of Firefox for Android, sometimes referred to as Fennec. Indeed, the actual filename itself is Fennec.apk and you will not be able to pick this up from the Android Market just yet. We’re guessing this is because it is a Beta release, but hey, I’m still excited. To download your copy, click here. According to Mozilla themselves, “Firefox beta for mobile comes with many of your favorite Firefox desktop features like Firefox Sync, Add-ons and the Awesome Bar.”

This version of Firefox Beta for Android has focused on responsiveness but didn’t forget important features. By using Firefox Sync you are able to take your browsing history, bookmarks, tabs, passwords and form-fill data with you anywhere so you never have to retype passwords or long URLs again. I’ve just finished installing it now and at the moment the initial boot is very slow. I’m guessing this is because it is the first time I have run it. With that said, the Galaxy S has been playing up a lot recently (my own fault… custom firmwares etc.) so it could be that. Once Firefox has booted you are presented with a ‘Welcome to Firefox’ screen with three main sections: ‘Sync Up’, ‘Customize’ and ‘Browse’. You can also choose to check out the other features too which simply takes you to this web page. Things like pinch-to-zoom are available along with personalized start-pages. Check out the funky video after the jump.

[Source: Mozilla]

  • I’ve always loved Firefox over other browsers, because it gives the best browsing experience. This release will hopefully be another milestone of Mozilla and our favorite mascot, Foxy :)

  • So far i am not massively impressed, but it is early days.