November 18, 2009
Dell Mini 3i

Dell Mini 3i

We’ve been following Sony Ericcson’s Xperia X10 quite closely and we were one of the first to break the news that the X10 micro-site was released. However, the last video was saw of the X10 at the official launch meeting in London revealed that the device was rather buggy, and certainly not completely optimized. Many of the programs were quite slow and jittery when in use.

Fortunately, a news video from HDBlog casts a warmer light on the X10, showing a snappier user interface and excellent Mediascape example. If you can stomach the slightly over-the-top intro scene, the rest of the preview is to the point and reveals much of the phones specific feature set. We also see some movie demonstrations, camera and web-browsing on the lighting fast 3G. The video is available after the jump.

In other news, the Dell Mini 3i has been released in China and no sooner than Michael Dell could say ‘jolly good’, we were able to see our first unboxing of this device by PConline. In a controversial move, Dell decided to opt-out of the 3.5mm head-phone jack but did succumb to the Chinese market and include a stylus. Don’t worry though, this is a special stylus designed to work on capacitive devices (as opposed to the resistive). It turns out that in China using a stylus is cool and is a hallmark of a higher end device.

James Tromans
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