Video: Android design team talks about some of the best designed Android apps

by: Andrew GrushNovember 27, 2013

How important is app design to you? While the answer to that question varies depending on who we ask, it’s hard to deny that an app’s layout and overall design can either make or break the experience. It’s not enough to be a “functional” app, usability and aesthetics play an equally important role.

With that in mind, the Android design team have posted a new video to the Android Developers YouTube channel, highlighting some of the best-designed Android apps available.

In the 25-minute long video, the team mentions quite a few popular apps that it feels are worth focusing on from a design stand-point including Four Square, Air BB, Google Play Newstand, Google Chrome, and of course the highly-praised Timely. As they talk about each app, the team points out just a few of the design elements that they feel really stand out.

Although the video is primarily targeted towards app developers, it’s worth watching even for us “average Joes” simply because it gives us a better look at Google’s design philosophy and what its designers consider to be most important design aspects when it comes to developing a good app.

  • Zoltan Hidegkuti

    Wow, Timely is really classy! Some of the best design I’ve seen, minimalistic with smooth animations. Too bad it doesn’t do gentle alarm like Alarm Clock+ and that I can’t put the clock out on lockscreen. I’m still wondering why second animation can’t be displayed on lock or homescreen… or am I missing something?