November 13, 2009
Aphone A6

Aphone A6

The APhone A6 runs Android, but pretty much everything else about it screams iPhone. A cursory look at some mobile phone blogs reveals that plenty of knock-off Chinese companies have replicated the iPhone to varying standards, but as far as we are aware this is the first to do a complete job and use Android at the same time. The UI skinning isn’t that bad either, and looks remarkably similar to the iPhone’s.

It is pretty hard to report on the specifications of this device, as there is no official press release to compare to. However, the APhone A6 is alleged to offer a large 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen pumping out 26 million colors (yeh right), as opposed to the 16.7 million we’re used to seeing on higher-end devices. The device is currently running Android 1.5 that does not support multi-touch, so we doubt there will be multi-touch features. Aside from this, it offers a 2MP camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, removable battery and 130MB RAM/256MB internal Flash-based memory. In terms of radio, it is an EDGE-capable device with no word on 3G connectivity. which first found the device states that it will run a dual-core CPU clocked over 300 MHz. Video after the jump.

James Tromans
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