Vertus: stereo Bluetooth made possible with almost any pair of powered speakers

by: Bogdan BeleApril 29, 2013

stereo bluetooth

A stereo Bluetooth system can be made out of almost any powered pair of speakers with the Vertus solution, on one condition: that both speakers have 3.5 millimeter jacks.

Kickstarter project Vertus (in no way linked to Vertu), uses a technology called True Wireless Stereo from CSR in order to achieve that, and the way it works is pretty simple. You just plug in each one of the two adapters into a speaker, and pair your bluetooth device to the right (or master) one, which will then stream the left audio content to the left one (the slave one).

This is a simple method of using some old powered speakers to listen to music from your Android smartphone and it’s good to know that any of the dongles can also be used independently. Namely, you can stream audio to your car radio, headphones or maybe your home audio system.

The company promises around 10 hours of music playback, after which you can charge the dongles using the supplied charging station that can be powered from a USB port. Both the adapters and the charging station look pretty good, as they’re made out of aluminum and will come in two colors, silver and gunmetal gray.

You can see more details on the way Vertus Wireless Bluetooh Stereo Adapters work in the presentation video below.

In terms of price, you should know that pledges start at $49, but that only gets you one adapter and the charger. In order to get the full system, 400 backers will be able to pledge $79 or more (there were also $59 pledges, but they’re all gone). After that, the price will be $119 for the regular edition, or $120 for a numbered, limited edition.

If you do get the system, you’ll probably want to use one of these sound and equalizer apps in order to make things sound exactly as you want them to.

Do you use a Bluetooth audio solution to listen to music? Which one?

  • these arent anything new , i already have one

    • Peter

      You cant have one cuz if you look around you’ll see these are the only dongles to offer streaming to two speakers simultaneously!!!

      • Terrence Greene

        Technically its not streaming to two speakers simultaneously.. Its streaming to one and the signal is being relayed to another.. If u wanted to get geeky about it im sure there is like a 0.000001 milisecond delay or something..

        That being said everything he said in the video was pointless. He said he couldnt believe that u couldnt stream to two different device at the same time… And that he wanted to change that… But then he didnt really create a product that could do that.

        So is this revolutionary? No. u can recreate the same experience with currently available hardware. IT WONT BE AS PRETTY THOUGH..

        • Peter

          It seems everything you said is pointless since CSR’s website confirms everything he said..there is no hardware like this in the market