Verizon’s Motorola X-Phone XT1060 Passes Through FCC

by: Derek RossMay 25, 2013


Purported Google X Phone prototype.

Another Motorola X-Phone variant, model XT1060 has passed through the FCC recently. The XT1060 version sports CDMA frequencies, LTE Band 4, Band 13 and GSM capabilities. We know that the XT1060 is the Verizon Wireless variant because radio frequencies 850 MHz and  1900 MHz just happen to be used by Verizon Wireless for CDMA capabilities, LTE Band 13 is be used by Verizon, and they have future plans for Band 4. Like most current Verizon smartphones, you’ll be able to take the X-Phone overseas or use it here in the US on GSM networks due to ‘Global’ support. Sadly, FCC filings don’t reveal all too much when it comes to internal hardware specifications, leaving much to the unknown.Verizon Motorola X-Phone

While we don’t know a lot about the X-Phone, as we’ve seen some conflicting reports, it is rumored to be a mid-range phone that’s affordable to the masses. Whether that’s true or not is yet to be seen. What we do know is that the X-Phone is said to run stock Android, thanks in part to a Google’s Motorola acquisition.  We’ve also seen evidence of this time and time again, such as the image above from and other leaks.

Verizon Motorola X-Phone FCC RadiosBesides Verizon, we’ve seen Sprint and AT&T variants pass through the FCC. This would be new territory for Motorola, launching a major device across multiple carriers. When do we think we’ll see the X-Phone? I was told sometime next month by an anonymous source. Who knows?


  • Dark_Laser

    “Like most current Verizon smartphones, you’ll be able to take the X-Phone overseas or use it here in the US on GSM networks due to ‘Global’ support. ”

    Today’s not April Fool’s.

    • Apparently you’re not a Verizon customer. That’s alright. For example, the HTC Droid DNA, the Motorola RAZR and RAZR HD line phones support Global, GSM radios. You can and people do use them on non-Verizon carriers.

  • j2

    This phone will wow no one 720p display and a dual core processor. It will have great battery life and thats it…even if there is an 18 month product pipeline you can still put a better SoC in a phone

  • David Suarez

    So the name in the features list is my name and it freaked me out. I feel like I should know the secrets of the X phone innately.

  • bas

    A former telecom colleague of mine told me there will be an x-shaped voice-activated touchpad on the back of the Motorola neXus-phone to control a yet to be revealed multimedia device from Google… That would also be the reason why it is referred to as an x-phone. It should work the same as the touch and voice control on Google Glass.

    Would be cool.

  • grammar_nazi

    “model XT1060 has pass through the FCC recently”

    “The model XT1060 version”

    “LTE Band 13 is be used by Verizon”

    “While we don’t know a lot about the X-Phone as we’ve seen some conflicting reports.”

    “we’ve even seen that leak multiple times over and over again”

    English motherfucker! Do you speak it?

    • porter86

      Don’t forget “a byproduct Google’s Motorola acquisition “

    • Hmm. I wrote this after I had just fished hours of yard work. Clearly I was much more tired than I had originally thought. I’ll let my wife know that the Internet said I busted my ass and that I deserve a bigger reward. Thanks!

  • Marc

    I would love if it would be an high-end device… I think this would take Android further…

  • Brannigan

    April “31” ?!?!