Verizon’s Motorola Droid 3 Release Date Confirmed?

by: Darcy LaCouveeJune 12, 2011

It wasn’t too long ago that we saw, watched, and caught wind of the Motorola Droid 3. What we had heard was that it was on track for a late June, early July release, and folks, it looks like those dates are going to pan out. While rumors surrounding previous devices have been wrong before, we think it’s likely that the Motorola Droid 3 will be launched on or around July 7th, which is less than a month from now.

Of course, what rumor is any good without credible backing? Well, in this case, the boys over at Droid-life have “been hearing from close friends that Big Red is currently targeting July 7 the to make the date official.”

That's one fine looking keyboard

The Motorola Droid 3 is one of the most highly anticipated Android QWERTY phones to come to market in 2011, and has been circulating the rumor mill for some time now. There has been a significant amount of speculation around it not receiving LTE support, and we think that it is unlikely that it won’t be receiving it as well. It’s a shame, really.

The Droid 3 has the same SoC as the LG Optimus 3D / LG Thrill, and holds its own with some of the best performing phones in the world, currently.

Either way, it’s not all bad. The Droid 3 is going to be receiving a rejuvenated keyboard layout, and willl feature five distinct rows of QWERTY goodness. Plus, we know from benchmarks revealed by Nenamark that the Droid 3’s processor is likely to be the TI OMAP 4430 – the same processor in the LG Optimus 3D, which, in a word, is badass.

While Verizon obviously hasn’t yet publicly acknowledged that this phone even exists, we know better. So sit tight folks. I know you QWERTY fanatics out there are salivating to get your hands on this one, and so am I. With it’s 4.0 inch qHD (540×960) display, very powerful and capable TI OMAP4430 SoC, its newly improved keyboard, and especially its 8MP 1080p capable rear camera, it’s actually a lot to be excited about. The only question that remains is this – locked bootloader anyone?

Anyone gonna pick one of these up? Do QWERTY’s still matter?

Via: GottaBeMobile, Benchmarks via AnandTech

  • LAmDroid

    i like my qwerty for precision typing where touchscreen or my autocorrect would disrupt my use. I kno i can turn off autocorrect, but i have it on for a reason.

    that and if ur familiar w landscape touchscreen typing, the virtual keyboard consumes ur entire screen.

  • LAmDroid

    “….and despite the sheer number of rumors and speculation around it not receiving LTE support, we think that it is unlikely that it won’t be receiving it, but we say that with a bit of disappointment.”

    am i interpretting this wrong or are u actually saying ur disappointed that it WILL be receiving LTE..?

    • Darcy Alexander

      I’m saying I am dissapointed it is likely that it won’t be receiving LTE support.

      Who knows though? It’s likely the Droid 3 will be released in multiple variants, and probably will have an HSPA+ variant for high speed mobile connectivity, which would make it work on other networks.

      The date is near, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that Verizon does what’s best for the DROID!

  • Badger

    Was thinking X2 but now thinking D3. I like the dual core and sliding keyboard. Any rumor that D3 might be world capable? Not a deal breaker nor is it a problem with being 3G only. I live in an area that won’t get 3G for years so I’m actually happy to see the release of nice 3G phones.

  • Luke

    No LTE? Only 512 meg of ram? Verizon talks big about its 4g infrastrudture, but still keeps producing phones for 3g networking? Droid once was synonomous with cutting edge. If the bad rumors are true, Droid 3 will be bleeding edge. I hope that Verizon are not stupid enough to put a 3g duel core out there in today’s market. It will absolutely be a lemon. But I have no doubt that At&t and Sprint are ppraying that Verizon is dumb enough to do it. My name is Luke and I own a Droid 2 and also owned a Droid 1. It the 3g rumors are true, no Droid 3 for me.

    • Darcy Alexander

      Hi Luke,

      I agree, it’s shocking to think that such a cutting edge device would be released with LTE support. I do however think it will have 1GB of RAM. Here’s to hoping, at least :) Still, the other specs are drool worthy.

      Thanks for visiting Android Authority!

      • Pat Maloney

        No someone got a hold of the milestone 3 (the European version) that is almost always the exact same as the droid models. It had 512 mb of ram and the screen was supposedly less than fantastic (but I think it will probably be good enough). I personally am indifferent to LTE because although the speed boost would be nice, the battery problems deter me

    • Fajardo_1998

      Hella dum at&t sucks ass and there’s no problem with 3g duel core if you don’t like it then move to those pice of shit networks at&t or sprit

  • ScottM

    “Do QWERTY’s still matter?” — I despise virtual keyboards (and any kind of virtual buttons for that matter). In fact, it’s the whole reason I will never buy an iPhone. If they stop making Android phones with physical keyboards, I will go back to a basic cell phone. So yes, it still matters…if Verizon wants to keep me paying for my data plan.

  • For the IT professional, a QWERTY keyboard is a must! I administer remote servers all the time from my phone, and the onscreen keyboard just doesn’t cut it. I’ve only ever had QWERTY phones for this reason (tho Swype and SwiftKeyX are both great for things like email and texting – I give ’em both a review on my blog at

    I’m looking forward to the next Droid, as I’ve been pretty happy with my original Droid aside from not having a dedicated numkeys row. I’m also hoping for a global version, as I travel a lot. I’d like the ability to pop in a local sim card when I’m in Mexico or Canada instead of having to go with Verizon’s global plans (which are actually pretty reasonable, but still).

    Less than 1GB of RAM would be pretty disappointing – with a dual processor, having only 512MB would be a bit of a bottleneck.

    I doubt it would have a locked bootloader, either, especially given the latest hoorah over cyanogen being given a tablet deliberately to hack up and whats-their-name’s reversing their position on locked bootloaders on their phones after the hue and cry.

  • Sliders are still important. I love Swype. It’s fun. But when I have something important that needs speed and precision, a real keyboard is the only way to go. My wife feels the same way.

    Also, no 4G = no sale. Of course, 3G/4G switchable would be best. I could limit it to 3G when it’s idling and downloading stuff at its leisure, then kick it up to 4G when it would have a meaningful impact on the experience.

    The rumor mill is heating up because now July 7 is the rumored date both for the Droid 3 release AND the switch to tiered data plans with no price difference between 3G and 4G data.

    If there’s no price difference between 3G data and 4G data, and you’re paying per gig, who will honestly buy a 3G phone anymore?

    • Williamsjw006

      Someone who doesn’t like the horrible battery life of 4g phones….

    • Warlopphoto

      Uh anyone whos not it the 2 spots in the US that has 4G capabilities.. 3G is barely nationwide yet. so I’d say Everyone will be getting 3G for a long time. until the 4G is actually a Network not just a local spot like WiFi

  • TheVerizonGuy

    It comes out June 30th… or thats when indirect agents get it. so if u want it go to an indirect agent on the 30th

  • David wright

    Of course I’m looking forward to the droid 3 global. Please keep all the improvements and please make it 4g, up with the competition. Anything else would be a waste of money and design.

  • Akkadian604

    Cool phone I think I am goons to get oue, I like my Droid incredible

  • Wphoto

    I’ve had the phone for about 5 days and am already getting a new one. lots of things have not yet been worked out on the phone yet.. I was actually the First Tech Support call on the new Droid 3. i do like the phone though its Sweet !!!!!

  • Yeahhbuddygirl.x3

    love it. who cares what you people say.