HTC M7 design

As we approach the HTC M7 announcement day, we get more and more M7-related leaks and reports. Earlier today we told you that the handset will feature a camera with ultrapixels instead of megapixels and that Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone Germany are already listing the device.

Now it’s time to look at a new rumor that says Verizon’s HTC M7 version could be sold as a Droid DNA Plus version. We will note that the main U.S. carriers are all said to sell the M7 at some point down the road, with AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint reportedly offering to customers under the same name and Verizon doing its own thing.

Either that, or the leaked specs for the DLXPLUS describe a different phone.

Whatever the case may be, the DLXPLUS is apparently coming to Verizon, and the handset will feature a 4.7-inch display with 1080p resolution, 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, 13-megapixel camera and Android Jelly Bean with HTC Sense 5.0 on top.

Obviously, the DLXPLUS is very similar to the M7 when it comes to rumored specs and features, so it makes sense to assume this is indeed Verizon’s M7.

So where’s the connection with the Droid DNA you may ask. And we’ll remind you that the Droid DNA was rumored to be called the DLX or Deluxe at some point before being unveiled, so the DLXPLUS codename suggests Verizon could sell the M7 as a member of the Droid DNA family.

Are you buying the M7 later this year? What carrier will you choose?

  • fortheloveoftech

    you forgot to mention expandable storage! SD card slot support! which would make it a +1 over dlx

  • mali

    Calling it the DNA plus is such a bad idea.. if I wasn’t a phone geek.. I’d not buy it thinking it’s another stunt like htc one s, x etc.. m7 is just a sexy name.. I’m though not buying cuz HTC lost my business after the repeats.. my last was the sensation serise..

  • Akimbo

    whenever this device comes out on Verizon, i am going to demo it at the store. Plus, i like Super LCD over Super Amoled. the colors on the LCD panel are more natural while the Super Amoled screens are over saturated.

  • cycad007

    Expandable storage? OK…that would take care of *ONE* of my requirements to buy another HTC phone. The other (removable battery) feature I’m still waiting for…..unfortunately.

  • It certainly looks good, especially if there’s a microSD slot, too

  • Tony Perez

    Announcing a “flagship” phone like this is like announcing a Ferrari with 5 gallon gas tank and a tiny seat for only one. Looks great but you can’t go far in it and you’re immediately uncomfortable with the lack of space. Just sounds like and uncomfortable situation.

    Flagship phones should have all of the features available. Not only an external micro-SD slot but either a fat high-capacity internal battery or a standard removable battery. Let’s say Verizon is asking for limited storage handsets so customers will use more data. Let’s say VZW wanted sealed batteries so within two years, people feel they need to upgrade over paying for an internal battery to be replaced. If manufacturers refused to make limited feature smartphones and sent their full-feature phones to VZW’s competition, VZW would quickly experience the pain of fleeing customers. I purchased my existing HTC Rezound less for Beats Audio and more for expandable memory and a battery I could replace after heavy use. The display and processor speeds were on my list too but the former items sealed the deal. I’ll hang onto the Rezound until it completely dies or someone decides to produce another high-end smartphone with all the features included.

  • Paul

    I hope Verizon gets their version fairly soon. I just had to resort back to my old Eris since my Inc2 bit the dust and I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger on the DNA because of storage. Forgot how slow the Eris is :/