Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Could Be Available on November 17th

by: LucianNovember 3, 2011
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What’s the most wanted but also the most elusive smartphone of this season? You guessed it: the Galaxy Nexus. It all started with the delay of the Galaxy Nexus/ICS event last month, then Google announced no official release date, and now we keep hearing rumors from launching on the 11th this month to maybe even December.

Well perhaps this new rumor/leak will put some of those to rest. According to this leak the Galaxy Nexus should be available starting November 17th, with the marketing for it beginning on the 15th. Now, it’s still possible that when they say “available online” they could mean available for pre-orders only, so it could take another week or so before you can actually use it yourself.

The good news is that a Samsung employee has also reinforced the idea that Galaxy Nexus will arrive this month, although through unofficial channels. According to him the phone is still on schedule and it could arrive by Black Friday. He also said that Galaxy Nexus will launch about a week earlier in Europe, so when it does, then we can expect a more exact launching date.

One thing is for sure, though. This phone will be facing some tough competition from the Droid RAZR and HTC Rezound for the holiday season, at least hardware wise. It will still remain the only Android 4.0 phone for the next few months. and that could sway a lot of people towards it.

[Via: AndroidPolice; Source: AndroidCentral]

  • ConnectionCenter

    I work at a Sam’s Club, and often see upcoming devices listed in priority notes for the wireless area. This week, a mysterious “Samsung Illusion” was added to the list with a Verizon launch date of 11/17. I’m assuming this is the Galaxy Nexus, unless Samsung has some other device coming out. Also, the store has odd names for some phones. Our Rezound is still called “Vigor” and our Galaxy S II is called the Samsung Epic Touch. Anyways, just thought I’d share what I know about potential release dates.

    • Anonymous

      the Illusion is most certainly not the same as the Galaxy Nexus. The Illusion is a new weak mid-range budget device. When the Galaxy Nexus enters your system, it will be called the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Rezound/Vigor thing is still true for a lot of places but the Epic 4G Touch is the name of Sprint’s Galaxy SII, which has a different name on every carrier.

      so yea, just wanted to clarify on those but certainly let us know if anything new pops up in the system.