Verizon VoLTE coming in early 2014

by: Nate SwannerApril 23, 2013

Verizon Wireless

Voice Over LTE is a technology we see mentioned off and on, but never seems to come to fruition. It sounds cool, but it never gets closer than being mentioned as upcoming technology. Verizon is naturally at the forefront of this technology, having perhaps the most robust LTE network in the country, but we still haven’t seen VoLTE.

For those unfamiliar, VoLTE is simply the ability to make calls over the data network. While it seems simple enough,there is a lot of back-end work to do, as LTE is a radical step forward for actual voice call technology. For a carrier like VErizon, which operates on a CDMA network, it also means they can have devices without htat CDMA modem.

Verizon CFO Fran Shammo recently revealed that Verizon VoLTE devices will be available later this year, with rollout of a VoLTE network starting in early 2014. While the service will, of course, be limited at first, it’s an important step toward full integration. This fits a timeframe reported late last year by Verizon, so it looks like all systems are go for VoLTE.

AT&T has also commented on bringing VoLTE to light, as their LTE network continues to grow. While this is still a long way from being widely implemented, we’re starting to see it in a real-world scenario, and that’s pretty awesome.

Now, about that unlimited data, Verizon…

  • Why do only see this as a way to charge more money for something we already have? why on earth would I want voice over data? data is what is so expensive about cell phone plans

  • I am kind of suprised that they would actually roll this out. They must assume people are stupid and wont catch on.

    If you are going to allow me to do VoLTE why are you charging me for a minute+texting plan? I can do those things via my data plan !! All we really need is a data plan. Give us unlimited data !! (I do have a min+text plan but thankfully Im unlimited with Tmobile)

    We, especially in America are severally being overcharged for cell phone usage and for little to nothing with all the data caps we have in the US vs the rest of the world. If there were a carrier that pushed out an unlimited data only plan and allowed voice over data .. they would kill and show other wireless carriers for the greedy frauds that they are.

    • VoLTE is not about using your data plan to make calls like you do with skype or viber.

      VoLTE is supposed to be the equivalent of the 3G, CDMA or GSM voice calls but on the LTE netwoks.

      Technologywise it requieres a new multimedia backbone system installed in the network which will make the voice call experience as seamless and reliable as in the circuit switched networks like 3G or GSM.

      I guess the calls will not be deducted from your data plan but from your minutes plan.

      VoLTE is probably a more efficient way to handle voice calls for the operators and, since only LTE support is needed in the phone, you will have more devices to choose from, but in my opinion it is not really bringing any big change for the end user.