In case it wasn’t enough for Verizon to cover most of the US with their 4G LTE network, it looks as if they are planning to rollout a VoLTE network nationwide early next year. Let’s explain exactly what VoLTE is. VoLTE is Voice-Over-LTE. This date is a bit later then what Verizon had announced at Mobile World Congress in 2011. With the nationwide rollout happening early 2013, we could see some limited markets get VoLTE support later this year.

According to Catharine Trebnick, VP at Northland Capital Markets, “VZW has two cities now trialing VoLTE and plans for national rollout in early 2013.” Pretty exciting news for Verizon and its’ customers, I can’t wait to see how this works out and how well it will work out.

Who’s excited about VoLTE service coming nationwide next year from America’s number one carrier? Let us know in the comments what you think about the service, and possibly its’ plans as well.

  • Terry

    Will they stop charging sepatate data, voice, and texting plans after volte implementation? It only seems fair if everything will be working on data networks only.

    • Guest

      Instead of $40+$30 plans… you’ll pay $70 for a data-only plan.
      Big savings.

      If *YOU* owned Verizon, would you bankrupt the company by charging far less than you should?

  • Guest

    What’s good about this?
    Use data for my voice-calls… then voice-connections are working just fine.
    Use up my data-limits extremely fast.
    Overcrowd the already overcrowded networks with more data use.
    Have to pay more and more for larger data plans.
    Lower quality voice calls.
    I can already make VOIP calls with a small, free app.