Verizon smartphone prepaid plans now bring you more data

by: Bogdan BeleMay 20, 2013

Verizon smartphone prepaid plans

Verizon smartphone prepaid plans now include bigger data allowances, while keeping unlimited talk and messages in place.

As you may remember, the Verizon smartphone prepaid plans have been made available in February, and you could choose between two options. The smaller plan included unlimited talk and texts and 500MB of data for $60 a month, while the more expensive one, at $70, also had no limits on voice calls and messaging, but included a data allowance of 2GB.

Both plans only worked on Verizon’s 3G network and, if that part hasn’t changed, the good news is that the data you’ll be receiving with each one of them has been increased. The $60 plan will now include 2GB of data, with the $70 one will be offering you 4GB.

If you’re already using one of the two prepaid plans, you’re getting the bigger data allotment right now, according to what Verizon says on its website. However, if you plan on switching to one of the two Verizon smartphone prepaid plans, the new data allowances will only be available to you starting on June 6.

This should be pretty good news if you’re already using one of the two plans, or you’re thinking about taking the Verizon prepaid route in the future.

Do you use a prepaid plan or do you prefer a contract?