Verizon introducing two new prepaid plans for smartphone users

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 1, 2013

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Today Verizon launched two new prepaid plans for smartphone users. The base plan is $60 a month for unlimited talk, text and 500MB of data. For those needing more data, $70 will net you 2GB instead.

This is down from Verizon’s original $80 smartphone plan with 2GB of data, though to be honest this is still a bit more expensive than many other prepaid offerings. What makes Verizon’s option different is that they have less data but unlimited talking instead.

The problem is that while this might appeal to feature phone users, the truth is that the average smartphone user hits data much harder than calling. For data heavy smartphone users, plans like T-Mobile’s $30 for unlimited data and 100 talk minutes probably make quite a bit more sense.

Still, if you are someone that really would rather stick with Verizon and/or uses tons of talk minutes, this could be exactly what you are looking for. There is a catch though, the new service doesn’t work with 4G Verizon handsets, limiting you to 3G phones so no taking advantage of Verizon’s high-speed 4G LTE network.

Both plans are immediately available for those interested. What do you think, would you ever consider Verizon prepaid or not?

  • Nexus 4 prepaid

    Wow. Once again Verizon has vindicated my switch to T-mobile.

  • Larry Maxwell

    Straight talk sim bests both of them. Dont know why you did not mention that.

  • Chris LH

    I’ll keep my unlimited plan until they say I can’t have it anymore. Then I’ll switch to another carrier. Verizon sucks.

    • Sean Quinlan

      I’m in the same boat. If the next Nexus can’t be used on Verizon, that’s probably when I’ll leave.

  • And let me guess round up those numbers an you’ll still be paying more than what other company’s offer

  • 1ceTr0n

    Verizon can keep sucking Satans cock because thats all their good for

  • FrillArtist

    Lol. Is this some kind of joke?