Verizon Selects program to bring targeted ads to your mobile device, after opt-in

by: Chris SmithDecember 5, 2012

One of Google’s main reasons for launching an open-source mobile OS like Android was to make sure it stays relevant in the ad business in a world that would be using mobile devices more and more for Internet-related purposes, so we shouldn’t be surprised to hear that other companies are also interested in serving some sort of ads to mobile device users.

Verizon is one of these companies, as the carrier is ready to bring targeted ads to its mobile subscribers, as long as they opt-in for the service. While Google is making money from online ads, Verizon apparently wants to be the middleman between the end-user and companies interested in advertising their products directly to potential buyers.

Dubbed “Verizon Selects,” the program will be available in selected markets. In order to offer better ads, the carrier will use some of your personal data as follows:

Simply put, Verizon Selects will use location, web browsing and mobile application usage data, as well as other information including customer demographic and interest data, to create specific insights.

Those targeted “insights” will be served via “email, text, postal mail or online or mobile advertising.”

To convince you to opt-in, Verizon is ready to pay a small bribe of some kind, in form of a “coupon or some other form of reward, most likely from a popular retailer.”

Are you ready to join?

  • I’d just like to add that at least from what I’ve seen personally, this isn’t OPT-IN. When I visited and clicked on Verizon Selects, I was opted in. The wording is a bit tricky and different from other Verizon options. It says something along the lines of do you want to block these lines from Verizon Selects, yes or no. No was checked by default. It was not OPT-IN. I had to OPT-OUT.

    Good luck!

    • tomn1ce

      Exactly my point. You have to opt in to block the accounts from this service. If you do nothing you’ll be enrolled in getting whatever adds vzw chooses to send your way…

    • Dan

      Same here! Check your accounts people, they’re being sneaky!