Surprise, surprise: Verizon starts shipping pre-ordered Galaxy S3 early

by: AdrianJuly 4, 2012
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After the “unprecedented demand” and supply issues encountered by AT&T and Sprint, the first two US carriers to sell the Galaxy S3, few were optimistic about Verizon’s own launch of the super phone.

Big Red had already lost “points” in the eyes of its customers by announcing it will launch the S3 weeks after Sprint and AT&T. The user frustration grew even deeper when the initial launch was pushed back from July 9 to 10.

In an unusual and surprising turn of events, however, Verizon seems to have started the S3’s shipping process way ahead of schedule. Droid-Life and Phandroid have reported yesterday on rumors that pre-ordered phones will start reaching customers as soon as July 5 (yes, this Thursday!), and many users have confirmed the speculations over the last 24 hours.

A bunch of shipment notifications with arrival dates of July 5 or 6 have been sent by Verizon to users who’ve pre-ordered the phone back in June. Unfortunately, not all Galaxy S3 adopters over at Big Red will be so lucky. Many customers are reporting that their online order status hasn’t been updated and they still don’t know when they’ll be able to get their hands on their spanking new phone.

Is there anyone reading us who’s received the shipment notification from Verizon? Please let us know in the comments section below.

  • Justin

    Pre-ordered June 6th, still no shipment confirmation or charges to my card…disappointing..

  • ordered the 16gb in blue on the first morning allowed. My device has shipped, expected by the 6th!

  • smokie 55

    Ordered my bubble blue 32 gig in the first hour. Received an email last night that my order is on hold and I will be notified when its available. Also disappointed. Soon, soon.

  • mikey

    got email yesterday saying it was shipped and fed ex tracking says i should recieve it on the 5th!

  • TommyNYC

    Placed my order within the first 20 minutes.. still shows will ship on 7/9 :(

    • mike

      I ordered mine at 7:15 on 6/6 and I was number 60,000, they shipped mine on 7/3 and I will receive it on 7/6.

  • Steve in NJ

    Got my shipping notice from Verizon this morning at 8:30am. It’s in West Chester, PA, which is 2 hours away from me. Called FedEx and asked if I could go and pick it up and was told even though that particular FedEx building was open today, Verizon does not allow their packages to be picked up prior to the first delivery attempt. My first delivery attempt is scheduled for Monday, the 9th. VERY disappointing and frustrating , to say the least. So close and yet…

  • BloodBlight

    I got a blue 32Gb late release day and got my tracking number this morning. I was billed last night.

  • wolfman

    Ordered 32gb on June 7th. No e-mail. Checked status and still listed as .

    Expected Ship Date:


    • ralph

      where do you check the status at?

  • Gotpowr

    Got an email yesterday confirming shipment, with a date of July 6th, however, I could see it coming in the 5th as it’s already just 1 state away as of last night

  • Courtney

    pre-ordered in store on june 17th. status still says order confirmed & ship date 7/10/12. so not happy that ppl will be able to get the phone in stores before i get mine in the mail. what was the point of the pre-order then?

  • Mike

    I got email saying it shipped and fed ex says I should have it by 7/9. That seems odd since its location is about 2 and a half hours from my house. That’s 5 days to travel less than 3 hours.

  • may

    Ordered the morning of the 6th over the phone and got my email this morning for arrival date of the 9th.

  • Min

    I ordered the 32G in white first thing when they were allowed. Got my notification last night that it will be delivered on Friday the 6th. I’m super excited!

  • My ship date still shows as 7/11 my 3 preorders probably needed extra bloat lol

  • sandra

    getting mine on the 6th! :) sooo happy!

  • Misty

    I got my shipping notification an hour ago but no delivery date yet. I preordered mine within a few hours of it being available for preorder on the 6th. However, I ordered my husband’s right after mine and he hasn’t gotten any notification. I ordered the white 32gb and my husband the blue 32gb.

  • notachatty

    I ordered one in each color of the 32 gb versions on June 6th at 7 am. Both have shipped with an arrival date of July 6th!!!! Can’t wait! Very happy since expected ship date was 7/9.

  • Dominic

    So…. I received a notification email from Verizon this morning that my phone had shipped on 7/3… Lucky day

  • mark

    Any idea where is being shipped from? I live in california.

    • bruinbiochem06


  • just got my shipment email too!!!

  • Nick

    Didn’t get the email, but checked the status and got a tracking number and ship date of July 3rd, but no status yet.

  • Tom

    Got email today (4th) saying my galaxy s3 was shipped July 3 by FedEx.

  • Tammy

    Ordered mine first thing June 6 and received a shipping email that it will arrive July 5. My husband ordered his on June 21 and it still states will ship on July 10.

  • Rickless

    I placed my Verizon SG3 32gb order online on 6/6 at 7:15am. I received confirmation that my order shipped 7/3, with delivery scheduled for 7/5 by 3:00pm. Shipped to Ohio from Tennesee.

  • Robert Misemer

    Recieved E-Mail notification this morning stating my 32g Pebble Blue Galaxy S3 shipped today. EDA is 9 July. I preordered early on 6 June.

  • Mel

    Got a shipped notice today – says arrival by the 9th with 2 day shipping. I’ve always had “2 day shipping” but received my phones next day – hope this one is the same!

  • Georgetta

    Getting mine today. Received email shipment confirmation yesterday….what a nice surprise!

  • I called and ordered my phone before I could access the ordering process on Verizon’s website. At 7 AM on the first time I placed my order and I did not get an email about my phone being shipped. Needless to say, I am rather annoyed about that.

    • I take it back. My order shipped today and I should have it tomorrow.

  • I got my shipment notification Tuesday evening with a scheduled delivery of July 6th! Pleasant surprise! I preordered the first day preorders opened.

  • Ryan

    I got the email that mine is shipped. Coming from PA to CA. Says will be delivered on July 9, as originally promised when I ordered on the first preorder date.

  • notlofty

    I ordered mine in store at 9:09am on the 6th. I’ve still got the ships by 07/09/12 notice.
    Does order number
    121269 I was the 121269th person to order?

  • Maui808

    Received email from Big Red..S3 preorder was shipped; left PA’s Fedex this morn, July 5th, Tracking confirmed overnght delivery expected at my Maui, HI home on July 6th.

  • Jason Lynch

    32 GB blue ordered 2012-06-07. Confirmation of order received at 10:34 AM that day (GMT -7). The pending charge just showed up within the last few hours (I’ve been watching for it). I’d say between 6 and 10 AM 2012-07-05. Order status now lists an order number and has a spot for a tracking number, but there is no tracking number present yet. It says “Your order will ship by 07/09/2012”.

  • Water Capt

    My is in route. Shipped from West Chester PA and should arrive tomorrow.

  • Tamara

    Mine has been shipped! YES! Cant wait to get out of my Blackberry…. of course I will have a learning curve for a while!

    • Tamara

      Bye Bye Blackberry

  • b

    received mine in the mail at 1pm est today! wife unpacked it to confirm it was correct model. Can’t wait to get home from work and get it set up!

  • Taters

    Does anyone know if they’ll be bumping forward any more orders, or are the dates on the website at this point concrete? I really want mine to ship before July 11th, especially since my current phone is pretty broken.

  • Cis

    live in MA, ordered 6/7 and rec’d email 7/2 from Verizon entitled “order on hold” but body of message states will process your order in 3days. Called verizon and no one can give provide an order status – arrgh. been with verizon for eons and not happy with the poor corporate and customer svc communication in the last month.

  • DaftandDirty

    I have my phone in hand, I cannot activate it. The Store is confused why I have mine, their customer support on the phone cannot activate. apparently i have something that will be activated later??? Why yes would like to buy your car, you won’t give me the keys yet so I get to stare at it…ummm no

  • John

    I got it. Delivered today.

    • The Wait Is Over!!!!

      Do you see the radio app on yours? Mine doesn’t have it.

  • DaftandDirty

    Finally after hours of complaining my new 4G sim registered and my phone is working.

  • Nursegyrl

    Got email today..will receive mine tomorrow 7/6/12 via fedex

  • steve doumas

    ordered on June 9th and just received my tracking number from Verizon showing shipped on the 5th and arriving on the 6th!! LOVE IT!

  • Geena

    My phone is shipping from Tennesee and will arrive 6/6. I placed my pre-order the first day at 7:10 am.

  • Pir8grl21

    Got email today my galaxy s3 shipped and delivery on the 9th!! Ugh been waiting 5 weeks

  • infin8

    Pre-Ordered on 6/8
    Received tracking email today 7/5
    Overnight Shipping from Tennessee to GA

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  • charles cheek

    Email on Thursday saying my 32G blue Galaxy S3 will be delivered Friday July 6. I pre-ordered June 6 8AM Eastern time.

  • CoffeeExtremist

    Nice, although the Fedex “2 day” shipment seems to be taking about 5 days. My shipment took 48 hours to travel 123 miles form Westchester to Newark – from there it still has to go to Memphis, Los Angeles and San Diego.

  • Gold

    I forget when I preordered specifically (I certainly was not one of the first) but Big Red just sent me an email indicating that my 32GB Pebble Blue model would arrive on Monday! People who have received their phone — could you please leave comments on your initial impressions (if that is allowed here) or do it on phonescoop?

  • Got my notification. Ordered 6/20 estimated delivery is 7/9 to MO.
    “Jul 6, 2012 11:28 AM MEMPHIS, TN/Picked up”

  • Pre-Ordered my SIII on June 21.
    Just received word mine has shipped from Memphis, TN and should be delivered to Bowling Green, OH on Monday, July 9 by 3:00pm. For the sake of the office it better get delivered late, otherwise my productivity will be at a all-time low.

  • chief4042

    got email that my shipment has gone threw!:D I ordered it on june 18th

  • bran

    I got mine today

  • bran

    I live in Ohio and got it today July 6th.. It ships from Newark NJ

  • Randy inwv

    I orderedon June 18 and recieved a shipping notice today. It will arrive Monday. So, overnight becomes an expensive 3 day ship. Oh well, at least I will have an exciting Monday.

  • Tiggles

    Preordered in store around June 28th for the Pebble Blue 16gb version. Shipped yesterday, should have it tomorrow

  • Lez

    i pre-ordered June 26th. I got email notification that my phone shipped July 6th. My Galaxy S3 arrived yesterday June 9th, yippppeee. Verizon sent me a free silicone cover valued $29.99