Yet another Jelly Bean update leaks for Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

by: Kristofer WoukNovember 20, 2012

The last time we saw a Jelly Bean update leak for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3, we hoped it might be the last one before an official release, but alas, it wasn’t to be. Another update has leaked with a build number of VRBLK1, and is now available for download.

Unlike the last time we saw a Jelly Bean update leak for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3, there is no word of any visibly changed features or upgrades. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t there, but with the update hopefully nearing release, we’re expecting that the update will, at most, contain a handful of bug fixes. It’s even possible that this update could fix as little as one bug.

You can download the leaked firmware in the source links down below the article. Flashing this firmware requires an unlocked bootloader and some other files. Luckily these files, along with a handy guide on how to install the leaked firmware, are available via an XDA Developers forum post, which is also linked below.

Have you tried any of these leaked firmware updates, or are you just waiting for the official, Verizon issued update? Have you noticed any changes?

  • johnnyttoxic

    I’ve been running this radio all day and it seems to be just a bit better than or equal to the VRLJ1 radio with (slightly faster uploads downloads the same and faster handoffs between 1x/3g/4g while cell reception seems unchanged, but YMMV and I’ve only had it a day)

    Hit up the VRLK1 Modem and RPM here:

  • Hrishi

    Too afraid of the brickbug on my note…. So no

  • Running since release but haven’t noticed any diff yet