Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 gets Android 4.1.2 update

March 6, 2013
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    Samsung Galaxy S3

    Three months after Android 4.1 came to Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3, the carrier is now rolling out a newer version of Jelly Bean to the phone, a different build than the one that leaked in early February.

    You should be getting an OTA update soon — if you’re lucky — that will bring your Galaxy S3 to Android 4.1.2. The VRBMB1 build is about 150MB in file size, and for those who are wondering, here’s the full change log:

    • Keyboard Predictive Text has been improved
    • Users can take picture while on a call
    • Manual refresh button has been added to lock screen ticker
    • E-mail syncing has been improved
    • Enhanced Bluetooth performance
    • VZ Navigator and Amazon added to stub applications

    Granted, it’s not the major update that you’ve probably been waiting for. Think of it as a starter meal before Verizon takes you to the grand feast that is Android 4.2 and beyond.

    Let us know below if you’ve received the Android 4.1.2 update on your device.


    • rahul

      so this is the multi window update ??

      • Roger Hernandez

        no multi window is in the 4.2 upgrade which only the international version haved leaked version! unless u try a rom with that option

    • Greg Urbanowski

      got mine a couple hours ago….

    • thinkbiggar

      got it now

    • Steve Rosas

      I really wanted Photosphere

    • DaGr8Pnoy

      I have the at&t galaxy s3 and im just wondering if this is the premium suite update that allows for multi-window and other really cool features. Anyone who gets the update please reply.

      • Lynne Ratliff

        No it isn’t. That should come with the 4.2 update

    • thedoc

      also adds support for group messages in stock text messaging app

      • mate

        how do you enable the group messages?

    • Joe

      finally they got group messages in stock txt messaging app worked with iphone

    • Cee Note

      Just download the Android VRBMB1 update for my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III and I notice absolutely no changes to my phone whatsoever. I disabled the predictive text function after the first week because it SUCKED – so that does me no good. I can type messages faster without it and the other improvements, as mentioned above, are small potatoes as far as I am concerned. The phone worked great before the update and works great now. I’m still holding out hope that Jelly Bean 4.2 somehow lowers my phone bill. I’m dreaming — I know.