Verizon Readies Gingerbread Upgrade for Motorola DROID 2 Global

by: Elmer MontejoJune 14, 2011
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The Motorola DROID X recently received Gingerbread upgrades. Now it’s time for the Motorola DROID 2 Global.

A Motorola employee vowed last month that an Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the Motorola DROID 2 Global should be coming before the third quarter of the year ends. The third quarter hasn’t even begun yet, and Motorola has already put out the upgrade for the DROID 2 Global. But, not yet for mass rollout for now.

Verizon is still conducting a soak test of the Gingerbread upgrade (Version.4.5.600.A956.Verizon.en.US), and it will be initially available to only some users of the DROID 2 Global. Once Verizon finishes sorting out the bugs and irons out the kinks after the soak test, one can expect the carrier to start pushing out the upgrade over the air.

Among the various enhancements and fixes are the following:

  • New app for managing downloads
  • Power, storage, and memory use details
  • Keyboard shortcuts for number or symbol input
  • Better word highlighting and copying
  • New widgets and theme (with new icons and color scheme)
  • Customizable dock and a fixed App Launcher at the bottom
  • Custom app groups (in addition to the default groups–All Apps, Recent, and Downloaded)
  • Encryption for SD card and device
  • Updated options for calendar app
  • Bug fixes for email and messaging apps
  • Email policy support for ActiveSync
  • Other improvements (e.g., stability, Bluetooth performance, connectivity enhancements, battery life, preloaded apps)

View the complete list of update features and full instructions for installing the update are available on Verizon Wireless’ software update page for the Motorola DROID 2 Global.

  • Michael R. Marano

    As a DROID X user who monitors this forum and about 2 dozen others, I feel compelled to warn the Droid 2 community to watch out. The DX GB update arrived riddled with bugs and a large number of that community are pretty unhappy with their devices. If you want a comprehensive issues list, check out this link at the Motorola Droid X support forum:

    Of course, updated OS’s mean glitches with 3rd party software, but this update changed many of the bundled apps, such as contacts, camera, and text messaging, by either reducing their feature set or glitching them up.

    To their credit, Motorola has offered a number of fixes for the problem ranging in complexity from fairly simple (uninstall/reinstall updates) to drastic (factory reset). Some forum participants report success, but many report none. As Motorola users, we are used to silence from the company regarding problems of this nature. We shall just have to settle for wait and see.

    Best of luck to all of us.


    • Elmer Montejo

      @Michael: Thanks for the heads up. Let’s hope that the upgrade for DROID 2 Global won’t be as problematic as that of the DROID X.

    • Mandyvet_tec

      I just updated go the 4.5 on my DROID 2. My phone is running slower and my text isn’t working properly…its really aggrivating to the point I want it uninstalled. It changed how my email notifications come in…now I have to manually go In and retrieve.they are not coming in when received. The texting is my biggest problem though it stops typing and when it does my curser moves but no letters appear, sometimes its just dashes and vertical lines or it stops it wont delete and just kicks me out all together. So frustrating!!!!