If you were hoping to casually visit Verizon stores on July 10 to get what the rest of the cool tech geeks are using, prepare to be disappointed and come home empty handed. It seems Big Red has delayed the launch of the phone by two days, with July 12 now set as the new date for its availability. The delay is not the end of the world, but for some folks, it might be a good enough reason to do some carrier hopping and get their Samsung Galaxy S3 fix elsewhere.

The good news is the delay doesn’t seem to affect those who maintain an attitude of expecting for the worst (delayed release) from Verizon by pre-ordering the Galaxy S3 since way back when.  As we’ve reported a couple of days back, some lucky folks have already gotten their Galaxy S3 shipped as early as July 5, though some are reporting that they won’t receive theirs until the 10th.

While Verizon didn’t mention on its website the reason for the delay, we can probably put it down as the overwhelming pre-order demand for the phone.

In case you missed it the first time around, Verizon will be shipping its version of Samsung Galaxy S3 with a locked bootloader. This shouldn’t be a point of concern for mainstream customers, but it may pose problems for those who like to tinker with their phones. We’re pretty sure help is on the way from the usual suspects at XDA-developers, though.

Will the delay and locked bootloader combo put you off from getting Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon?

Bams Sadewo
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  • leoingle

    It already has. I was planning on getting the S3, but not now. The locked bootloader was the last straw. My contract is up in Nov. I am going to just buy a GNex to last until then and move all 3 of my lines to ATT then. eff Verizon.

  • Verizon is ridiculous. Locking bootloaders and such. I’ve been with AT&T since 2009 and I’ve had my GS3 (pre-ordered) since June 23rd.

  • So if I pre-ordered mine through a third party (Choose Your Own Wireless) and I received a shipping conformation. Does that mean I will get mine when the notification says I should? Or when Verizon starts selling them?

    • Third parties Im not sure. Call them and ask when will they ship the SGS 3

      • It did arrive as promised. I was able to keep track of it through FedEx.

  • Cis

    rec’d email stating order shpg 7/11, called verizon to confirm.

    was told order on hold didn’t accept t&c and cc didn’t go thru (complete lie), despite confirmation to the contrary. couldn’t answer how this happened, “computer glitch due to unexpected demand”.
    escalated to supervisor and received same lame excuse; she could put thru order but would go to bottom of shpg line and would lose the dbl your data deal available at the time. this essentially forces me to buy into their high cost share everything plan. when the plan was announced after the pre order i suspected they would pull some stunt or hold the order hostage to force a buy in. supervisor told me best bet was to get in store on 7/10. this contradicts their press release stating in store availability delayed to 7/12 – again supervisor had no answer. Add on the bootloader issue and it’s clear that verizon is having major internal business problems that have reached the customer service level – buyer beware.

    • IDK I receive my order email saying my order was placed on hold. I called yesterday (July 8) and reenter my credit card information. Today I called again and the rep speed up my order and my original ship date is July 11th. I checked my email and received my tracking number from FedEX. Delivery for July 11th by 7pm ^^ I’m super excited!

  • Lizz

    This is bullshit. After waiting for so long, they push it back. I talked with a verizon member and asked if it would definitely be in on Thursday and they said the exact date the phone will be available in stores is unknown. Ridiculous.

  • Wolfman

    Dunno about the others who pre-ordered through Verizon, but I got my S3 on July 6. I think this is Verizon’s way of making sure those who pre-ordered get their phones first.

    • slitt

      not in all cases.. i pre-ordered my 32gb from verizon on june 6th at 730a.. still nada

      • Angry1

        Same with me. I pre-ordered 32gb on 6/17. Still nada. No tracking number. My confirmation email listed ship date as 7/10, and not so much as a courtesy email or text to let me know it’s delayed. Customer “Service” now saying 7/19.

  • tuly

    I have a question.Verizon said they shipped my phone on Saturday and I live in NY.How long should it take to get here?

    • U should had received ur email and it should tell you when will you get your phone. Or call 611 and ask for the tracking number

  • I got mine today. Just like my shipping notification said I would.

  • Booya

    My local rep told me they only release phones on Thursdays. Interesting? Coincidence? I don’t know. Whole sitch is screwed up.

  • First you lock the bootloader then you push back the release date (again)? What’s up Verizon? That’s no way to run a railroad!

  • justin

    I preordered my SGS3 through best buy. should i expect my phone on the 10th or the 12th?

    • Sad panda

      Unfortunately it’s the 12 now. I’ve confirmed this with multiple stores.