Verizon Pushes 5.9.902 Update to the Droid Bionic

by: AlexanderFebruary 10, 2012
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It’s here, the update that will put the Droid Bionic back on top, at least for now. This update is supposed to help get rid of those data drops we all hate, and the Black Screen of Death as well as some other improvements.

Earlier this week, this update when out to soak testers and most people were saying it’d be a week before it was out to the rest of the Bionic owners. Well hey you guys were wrong! But it was a good thing, because the update got here less than 48 hours after the soak test was over. I have to give it to the folks over at Motorola for being so quick about this one.

Go ahead and hit up the comments below and let us know when you get the update, and if it actually fixed your data drops (if you had them) or any other problems you had.

  • Dave

    1 week was an estimate. This is the fastest soak test I can remember being part of. Clearly they wanted to get it out in a hurry once they decided it was ready.

  • Am I the only one that sees a big change in battery? I’ve had mine on for almost 5 hours (since last charge) and it’s just now down to 90%, using it normally. Usually about 1-2 hours and its down to 90%.

  • doshjavis

    I previously maunally updated to the. 901 leak and still recieved the .902 update and kept root

  • Jimistaug

    This update did absolutely nothing to fix my data issue with my phone. I still have to toggle the airplane widget to get cell data after leaving a wifi hot spot. When I spoke with Verizon, they told me not to use wifi….that’s fine, but I like that wifi uses less battery than 4G. I guess I will just continue to use the darn airplane widget.

  • TheDroid

    Seems much better. Bring on my Ice Cream Sam-Itch

  • Got a surprise today (2/11912) when I fired up my Bionic….. My 902 upgrade had arrived!!!!! Had issues with freeze ups, lockouts, and a few drops… Nothing quit as bad as some people were saying…. Must have a good tower close by. I thought a lot of problems had been fixed when the last big push happened. That one was a bad one. Happened while out on the road and lost use of the phone for over half an hour! Lets see what all works better now…The phone is amazing upgrade from a Palm Treo 700W. The Windows CE OS was not very friendly, the Android OS is AMAZING!

  • I have noticed much improved battery life. Beyond that, not much. Although the Facebook app now takes much longer to load. Most likely it’s an app problem. Anyway, pretty pleased.

  • Indiana_360

    I haven’t had problems sense the last update that fixed my 3g to 4g problem but now I can’t make calls or text unless my phone decides to let me but I can use the net and email?… I did 3 resets. Stopped in the local Verizon store just for the joy of it… They are sending me a new phone tomorrow.. Anyone else have this problem?

  • abrn

    Prior to the update, my first Bionic was automatically shutting down whenever WIFI was enabled while it went into “sleep” mode. I would have to pull the battery to get the device to turn back on and turn off WIFI to prevent it from automatically shutting down again. After the update, I was experiencing the same issue, so I tried changing the Battery Mode setting from “Nighttme saver” to “Performance mode”, but the change caused my phone to turn off and it never turned back on (tried pulling battery, pulling sd card, charging for several hours, changing battery, tossing across room, dunking in toilet, etc.).

    Yesterday, I received a replacement Bionic. The replacement Bionic just received the 5.9.902 update and is causing the device to automatically reboot when WIFI is enabled, Battery mode is set to “Performance” and the phone is manually placed into “sleep” mode for a few minutes (tapping the top button). The device continues to reboot after a few minutes of not being used (as if “sleep” mode is automatically activating and causing the phone to reboot). The issue does not occur if I disable WIFI.

  • Frannylong

    Since the update to 902 on the Bionic, I have noticed improved battery performance for a much longrr time span before having to charge. Also have noticed a complete resolution in data disconnection. However tiday I noticed connection eent into 1x for a shirt period of time before it resumed 3G status (not in 4G area). Other than these two issues, haven’t noticed anything else in way of improvements yet but thrse two issues were huge improvements.

    • Frannylong53

      Sorry about all the “typos” in above comment. Didn’t proof prior to posting.