Verizon offering discount on DROID accessories with phone purchase

February 23, 2010
DROID accessory sale

DROID accessory sale

This isn’t exactly hard hitting news, but it seems that Verizon is trying to temp people into buying a Motorola DROID by offering some discounts on its accessories.  If you buy a new DROID for the $199.99 price with contract, you can get $10 off of the desk charger ($19.99) or the car mount ($19.99), or $20 off of the price of the car charger ($9.99).

So if you buy all four accessories you can save up to $40 in total.

Not the kind of deal that is going to swing somebody, but if you are already in the market for a DROID, these deals would be good to know about.  More details on the Verizon website.


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