It was only a few days ago we reported that Verizon’s Motorola Xoom is due for some Ice Cream Sandwich treat, now it looks like the update is happening real soon. Verizon has announced that the Android 4.0.4 upgrade for its Xoom tablet will be rolled out starting today.

Along with the standard features of Ice Cream Sandwich, you can expect additional device enhancements and fixes. There’s a new customizable launch bar that lets you drag apps, shortcuts and folders for easy access from any home screen, while the new notification pop up box allows for an easier viewing of all inboxes and notifications. Worried about data usage on your slate? There’s now a comprehensive data usage center accessible from the homepage’s menu screen.

The Android 4.0.4 upgrade will resolve the 4G LTE upgrade issue, improve email folder ordering, enable email search, bring better browser performance and the ability to save pages for offline reading, improve text input and spell-check, and loads more. You can check the full log right here.

Once it’s rolled out, the OTA update will have you download a 107.9MB file to install, so it’s best to have a fast WiFi connection ready. When the installation is complete, the device will restart and presto, say hello to ICS.

Though the WiFi-only model of Motorola Xoom has been sporting Ice Cream Sandwich since last January, at least you’ll be getting the newest version of it. Are you excited about seeing ICS on your Verizon Motorola Xoom? Any particular issues that you hope the upgrade will  fix? Don’t forget to let us know when you receive the update.

Bams Sadewo
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  • Philcabibi

    No ota on my xoom yet…. hurry up verizon, we’ve waited long enough.

  • waiting…..

  • Tochambers

    Has anyone seen it yet?

    • Philcabibi

      I doubt it. This is Verizon we’re talking about. Believing their official word is like believing a Wife Beater that says “I swear I’ll never do it again”

      • Mschal

        Just got it…..Xoom on ics!!

  • Jonas Vachal

    I haven’t seen it yet …

  • Guest

    So the Xoom gets it’s update “today” yet the Xyboard (Xoom 2) is still on the list for late 3rd QTR. The differences between the two are pretty trivial.
    I’m starting to not like Motorola and considering switching to Samsung.

    • TiredofWaiting

      The Problem is Verizon, not Motorola.

    • Rookie

      Does anybody know what exactly needs to be done for upgrading 4G/LTE device to ICS or JB compared to Wifi? Is really that complicated to keep updating both of these devices at the same time.

  • IwantMyICS

    *yawn* Hi Verizon… maybe you should update your press release to include the actual roll out time frame?

  • Jeffreyfina

    Waiting too. Hopefully breaths new life into my tab. I’ve watched as apps stop deving for tablet gingerbread and only ics. So this needs to happen for me to have faith in the process.

  • Guest

    Whose the Miscreant that said this would be rolled out on June 4th? No one on any forum is reporting that they are seeing it.

  • VerizonSupportTech

    Folks please note, the update for the MZ602 Motorola Xoom will not be released OTA today.
    Verizon already announced that it will be sent to a few Soak testers on June 4th to test how they can implement a full out update. They’ve had troubles before with OTA’s so they need to test there servers for the release and today is test day. But the update will start to be sent out in batches starting 12am Tuesday and end 12am Saturday.

    • Erykgreen

      I have a MZ600 and still nothing. Is this the model the update is for????

  • XoomCarrier2012 has the Xoom IMM76L OTA for Download I just installed it and can verify it works Shit yeahhh!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason

    Anyone seen anything yet? I’ve got two Xooms on VZW 4G and I’ve seen no updates yet

  • tBs_Battousai

    Here in the UK our wifi only Xoom’s still don’t have ICS and it’s starting to p*ss me off… 5.x will be out before the rest of the world see’s 4.x…
    What the crap are Motorola doing?!?

  • Erykgreen

    Still no OTA update for mine Xoom. 3G

  • Jason Howell

    I just spoke to Verizon, they said that the updates are deployed by Google and it started its release yesterday. He said they go “in order by region”, but couldn’t tell me the order of regions. He said that I should expect to receive the OTA update in the “next day or so” and if I didn’t have it within a week to call back. So who knows whats going on.

  • Jason Howell

    Still no updates…

  • Wildheart5717

    Update just came to my 4G Xoom. Seems to work fine. Still not too sure what’s different about this OS…

  • Rookie

    Does anybody know what exactly needs to be done for upgrading 4G/LTE device to ICS or JB compared to Wifi? Is really that complicated to keep updating both of these devices at the same time.