Motorola RAZR MAXX tops Verizon sale charts as the iPhone loses its first US battle

by: Mike AndriciJune 12, 2012

motorola razr vs apple iphone 4s
According to Anil Doradla, a financial analyst with global investment banking and asset management firm William Blair, the Apple iPhone has stopped being the best selling smartphone at Verizon for the current quarter. This marks a premiere since the iPhone was first released at Verizon, as well as since the first iPhone reached AT&T back on June 29, 2007.

Up until now, after each quarter, the Apple iPhone was declared the best selling smartphone at every single North American carrier it landed on. Continuing among these lines, it should be mentioned that despite the slightly smaller success of the iPhone 4S at Verizon, Apple maintained its top position with AT&T and Sprint for the second quarter of 2012.

According to Doradla, the first smartphone to ever top the iPhone in carrier-restricted sale charts is the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX (an Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone as I’m sure you’re fully aware). The third spot in Verizon’s charts is occupied by Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus (the first smartphone to ever run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich).

Although it would very much please me to be able to say that this marks Android’s victory over iOS, it sure looks like this is more of a LTE vs 3G victory. According to Doradla, the iPhone 5 will most likely be a “true 4G” phone, one that will put Apple back at the top of the Verizon charts.

But if we’re to leave the Apple discussion aside, what I personally find very interesting is that the Motorola RAZR MAXX was able to sell significantly more units than the Galaxy Nexus at Verizon, although the latter was launched with the newest version of Google’s Android mobile OS. It turns out smartphone users have decided that a battery that can last throughout the day on a single charge is more important than a tweaked OS. Here goes hoping all Android smartphone manufacturers will learn something from Motorola’s success with the RAZR MAXX!

What do you guys think? Will the iPhone 5 put Apple back on top of the charts? Or maybe this marks the first in an upcoming series of major wins for Android over the iPhone in the US? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • my gf wanted to replace her droid x, Verizon told her that the best phone to go with would be the iphone or the maxx. She didn’t want the iphone, and so she asked about the nexus, they told her not to go with the nexus because they only received complaints about it. This was about a month ago, and two of her coworkers love their new nexuses. I feel like verizon just gets more money from the maxx and so that’s what they are going to push, or maybe the commissions are higher so the sales people push them more.

    • Orion Antares

      Possibly but the Maxx does have a pretty high user rating right now.

    • AppleFUD

      Verizon fubared the gNexus. An unlocked GSM gNexus on the other hand is a great device.

  • Guest here thats all.

    Verizon pays the sales reps on data plans, however they stopped paying on phones with 3g data on it. This is why the push has happened. The funny thing is it came when they launched a new way of selling called earn the right. The process was all about the customer and what they wanted. It was VZW way of reconnecting with the customer. In actuallity it was VZW way to quit loosing their ass on the Iphone. An iphone cost vzw more than any of the other phones. Hence the push to pay only on a 4g device. Daniel the nexus has some connection issues this is a fact and supposedly Samsung was comming out with a fix, that was in January, still no fix. So in fact the rep was right in what they said. The nexus was the biggest flop of supposed super phones that I have seen.

  • Mak D’Uniq

    one day battery from MAXX? its 3 days :-)

    • Orion Antares

      I think that “one day” is meant as continual network use.

  • Helen Z

    I have the DroidX. And I DO love the Droid MAXX! I am up for a new phone now! I really want the Sammy S3! But if for some reason if I can’t afford it or whatever, I dont have a problem getting the DROID MAXX! The battery life is awesome!
    And with the iphone 5 coming out in October-ish, I still think that DROID phones RULE over iphones! I will maybe wait for this iphone to come out, and wait for a month or so to read the reviews on the S3, but honestly I think I will always be a DROID GIRL!!!!
    And now they are talking about Moto Droid HD coming out in late summer. aka, the Droid Fighter, which will follow the Droid MAXX! So I will look into that phone too! SO it’s for ME it’s going to be either the Moto DROID MAXX, or the upcoming Droid HD (“Fighter”), or the Sammy S3! Doubt very much it will be the iphone 5. SO DROID GIRL ALL THE WAY!!! ;-)

  • 4G plus battery…no-brainer. I’m picking up an SIII for a few months for those reasons, and because I want to keep up my Android IQ while I wait for the iPhone 5.

  • SamsaraGuru

    Surprise, surprise, surprise; who would have thought? People like a long lasting battery.

    I wonder which part of, IF we try to build devices that DON’Tcause people to say,

    “G– Damn it!.. ” re the battery dying or weak reception or whatever feature common sense tells anyone with a brain in their head should be addressed, that people will naturally be attracted to your offering, the manufactuers haven’t groked before now?

    • AppleFUD

      LOL. . .

      funny thing is, all these companies claim to have done customer research that showed that customers would rather have thin devices over long lasting devices — I guess they forgot to ask the customers who actually buy smartphones.

  • Bryancar32

    The maxx is awesome. I have had it a month. Never dropped a call. Awesome fast and great battery life what else could you need. Plus android apps market has alot more free apps and download your music free without paying for it from iTunes. Android don’t limit its market like iPhone. I feel sometimes people want apple for the name. Maxx is bad a++ fast compared to iPhone 4 s I have put my maxx against 3 so far and blew them away with 4g

  • Guest

    Yes Battery Life is king. I definately LOVE my vzw gnex but next time around I am going for the battery. gnex barely makes through the day with 4G turned off. Barely half with 4g on. But it sure is a great phone.

  • techgeek01

    The RAZR MAXX is a solid phone, no doubt.
    I think Google/MOTOROLA have to do this:
    Make the next generation RAZR come out this fall. Called the Motorola RAZR. Just the Motorola RAZR.

    But sell it on At&t, T-Mobile, Verizon, sprint and others. Have 16/32/64GB options with a few color options.

    Hardware wise, I say 720p 4.5 inch display “buttonless”, with HD front cam, much improved rear camera, the big same honking battery, 2GB memory, LTE and such.

    I say, get rid of motoblur and use stock android.

    either combine the GSM/CDMA versions into one phone or just make a GSM version and a CDMA version.

    If Motorola/Google does that, Motorola could probably out-seat the /new/ iPhone as well.
    I would argue that HTC, Samsung and LG should do the same. Sell ONE version on ALL carriers.

    What is “killing” HTC and Motorola (probably LG as well) is select carriers. Bring the same phone to ALL carriers, and I guarantee you WILL see an increase in Phone sales, and I’m pretty sure.

    • AppleFUD

      Totally agree. The only thing *maybe* would be for Moto to include a ‘Moto RAZR Slider’ with a qwerty that is built off the same design. They have a hit, a good name, and now need to focus on it.

  • Eazi1982

    The razr itself was better then the iPhone 4s Android voice commands has been able to launch apps on your phone including third party. smart actions gives me 9 hours with normal text, email checks and talk time. Ics will surely put the razr family over the top with their superior build quality.