There was a glimmer of hope that the Motorola Droid Razr and Razr Maxx would get their Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade on June 12, but that day came and passed without so much as a whiff of an ice cream serving. It looks like that “source within Verizon” that CNET cited last week has proven to be less than accurate. So when is the update coming for the two phones?

Responding to a question asked on the company’s Twitter account about the release schedule of ICS for Droid Razr, they replied that there’s no date set yet for the upgrade. This leaves owners of the phone to hang on to what Motorola has written on its ICS roadmap, which states that the “ICS upgrade roll out begins in Q2 2012.”

With about two weeks left in the quarter, there’s still a possibility that Verizon will surprise us all and deliver the goods in time. Being that the Droid Razr Maxx is Verizon’s top selling phone this quarter, even surpassing the iPhone for the very first time, we’re sure the carrier would want to make a good impression on their Droid-loving customers – especially with Motorola Droid Razr HD hitting the market soon.

But for now, it’s back to square one on the ICS upgrade front for the Droid Razr and Razr Maxx. Feel free to voice your hope and/or frustration in the comments below. We’ll keep you posted.

Bams Sadewo
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  • tony paegelow

    Juzt frustrating …and they give you no reason why its taking so long nor do they give you a reasonable idea when. They must really feel we love them no matter what they do or how they shake our chain. Verzon that is. No very good on customer relations or professionalism.

    • butnmshr

      The main thing that you need to understand about Verizon is that they sell cell phones, not computers. They are interesged in releasing a product that will keep customers on the phone or on their bandwidth as long as possible and to make as much money off of them as possible. Frankly, “smartphone” is still very much a novelty paradigm, and the segment of smartphone users who actually use them as computers (who actually care about upgrades) is soooooo small that Verizon can very much afford to just not care. Go walk into a Verizon store, and ask anyone (who you DONT know) thats working anything techical. Good luck getting an answer.

  • Droidfan

    I have owned an original Droid, a Droid X and now the Razr Maxx. I have always been happy with the hardware and software of my Droid phones. I have been happy with the upgrade schedule Verizon has maintained for these phones…until now. An “ICS Ready” phone shouldn’t take 7 months to receive the update. I have been willing to be patient for a reasonable time to port over the Google ICS release. That time has come and gone. I was given the following email address as one that might be useful to make comments about this problem. I have sent an email commenting on the failure of Verizon to issue a timely update to the Razr/Razr Maxx….and I encourage other Razr/Razr Maxx owner to do likewise.

    • butnmshr

      You should have had a D2 or a D2G. We were supposed to get Gingerbread in April of last year. DID NOT FREAKING GET IT UNTIL OCTOBER. Granted, once they finally did get it out it was so full of bugs that the phone was essentially worthless. This is a common Linux situation. Its called regression. But I think that theres ulterior motives here…. I think they want to wait for the HD to come out, and then theyll give us a Sammitch. If they can just update the OS on a device thats already in the wild and rerelease it in tandem with something a lil bigger, then it will continue to be their best selling device. But yeah. I cant wait until google takes over Moto in force, starts telling Verizon to suck it… I hope…

    • Mikaura

      I could not agree more…you have hit the nail on the head when suggesting that Verizon has “failed” to issue timely updates, and has also failed miserably in providing it’s customers (yourself, myself and millions of others) the courtesy to communicate the timelines for the much deserved “ICS” OTA update.

      I see it this way…I would be willing to bet that each and every one of the individuals that represent, or work for Verizon already have ICS on their personal phones and could care less about the so called “timelines” and potential OTA rollouts due to all of their customers.

      I also have this sinking feeling in my gut that the RAZR/RAZR MAXX will not receive the update to ICS until after the RAZR HD is released.

      If you think about it, rolling out the update to RAZR/MAXX prior to RAZR HD would absolutely “KILL” sales to the new HD unit. Loyal customers would just stick with their newly updated RAZR’s and MAXX’s.

      This is just my thought…

      • samson

        Well said…

      • Paul

        Anyone that has a RAZR or RAZR MAXX would not be eligible for upgrade for at least another year. I don’t see how ICS would kill sales of the HD, except maybe for new contracts. But then, Verizon makes money on the service, not the equipment, so unless a competitor releases something better and they lose business, its a non-issue for VZW.

  • samson

    Write to VZW…here’s mine…

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am aware that you must be receiving multitudes of e-mails regarding the issue of the alleged release date for the Ice Cream Sandwich OS for Razr owners. I will try to distance myself from the hordes of internet tweeters and posters expressing their displeasure (read: disappointment) with Verizon Wireless, Motorola and CNET for starting the rumor.
    I immediately throw CNET out of the mix, as they are nothing but a snake oil salesman, promising something, and then are gone when it turns out to be false. I didn’t necessarily believe the story, but I did hope it was true. Obviously it wasn’t…
    Motorola on the other hand have given us a timetable of Q2…that’s a story they posted long ago and have stuck with it. We Motorola owners must live with that.
    Now Verizon, on the other hand, is our link…we purchased the phones there, and if we have problems, we contact them, not Motorola (in most cases). If my car has a mechanical breakdown, I take it to the dealer, not back to Detroit…
    I thank you for following me thus far, and now to my questions/concerns:
    Comment: The Razr has now become the best-selling smartphone for your company, beating out the mighty iPhone. To me this is huge news. Quite frankly I’m not sure how that is possible. Apple is an outstanding company with a reputation for superior customer support. Verizon on the other hand, is not. There is a genuine disconnect between VZW and its customers, and this latest incarnation is indicative of a major problem that will certainly affect you when your new pricing plans come into effect. Six months ago, I went to the store to get an iPhone, and left with a Razr…why? Because your sales people were touting the new ICS OS that would be “coming soon.” I purchased the most expensive phone you have, and lesser phones have their ICS. Why would the update for your most popular (and biggest money maker) not be out by now? To me that would be a major priority!
    Question: Did VZW know about the “rumor” that CNET put out there? If so, why would you not respond? The masses will follow anyone who says the right things, and CNET did just that…and the masses had no choice but to listen to the rumors, because no one else was talking! Tweets suggested pages at the website that gave no information, and they repeatedly said the same things over and over…to be honest, there is no excuse for the lack of communication in this day and age. Just tell us what’s going on! We pay hundreds of dollars for phones and plans, data usage and texts…we deserve to know what’s going on. To me it’s as simple as that.
    I realize that Motorola does share some of the blame here as well…but Verizon Wireless is a communications company with a sincere lack of it, we bought our phones there, paid for our plans – you are the ones we will expect answers from…thousands of people have had their feathers ruffled over this, and you just want to throw your hands up as if to say “huh?…what?” Well, you will lose customers over this, and not because you did anything wrong…no, no, no…you will lose them because you did nothing.

    • Wayfarer

      They will lose no customers. Firstly because all cell phone companies are alike when it comes to customer “dis”service. So unless you’re willing to give up cell phones altogether, you’ll just have to take it. Secondly because most people come to Verizon because they offer a superior product than other providers; that is, their reception for voice and data is more expansive and reliable. That is why they are able to charge the most expensive prices and still retain their customers. Thirdly, all Verizon has to do to appease you or anyone else annoyed by this is to offer the next great phone or operating system a few months from now, or next year, and you’ll forget any of this happened. Even if you left in a huff over this, which I don’t think you will, Verizon has plenty of people wanting to come to their network because of a superior product and because other cell phone companies suck too, and there are people leaving them in huff just like this one. So get over it, they don’t care about you, or me, or any of their other customers.

      • samson

        Good points, however I live in an area where Verizon and AT&T have about the same reception…there are areas I go where I have NO coverage…none…and I do not live in the boonies…so in my neck of the woods, switching to another carrier would be of little consequence to most people. In my business, I need the reliability of verizon’s network, but most people (let’s face it) just wanna be able to text constantly and make a call every now and then…most do not use them for email and business purposes…the 4G (another major VZW promise that has yet to pan out in my area) is sketchy and I can almost watch my battery meter drain while my phone searches for a 4G signal…I was told that I would have ICS and 4G earlier this year to make my phone the best thing going, and neither has come about yet…I’m not accusing the VZW salesperson of lying, but I’m just saying that VZW’s promises are about as trustworthy as a CNET article.

        Your point about being appeased with the next big thing is well taken, but this mess with ICS will leave a bad taste in some consumers’ mouths, including mine. The next time someone walks into a VZW store to purchase their next phone with the promise of future upgrades keeping their new purchase up to date could easily say..”yeah right…that’s what you said last time…”, and now they have to pay full retail for the phone to get the data plan for their super next generation “smarter” “5G” phone? I’m just saying that this has the potential to hurt them in the long run…not everywhere, but in Central New York it most certainly does…

      • Anon

        its true they wouldnt exchange my ipad 4g that they sold me with a factory flaw or maybe it was used. point is they wouldnt even exchange it for me stating they didnt have a reason to because there is no cosmetic damage. verizon store of rockville md is a POS.

    • D2tim

      Only have one thing to say…….. You don’t buy a phone for what it could be, you buy it for what it is!!!!!!!!!! I would also like the ICS update or info about the release date. But I didn’t buy the phone because of the promise for ICS, I bought it for what it is!!! Its obvious that the companies involved have a lack of communication with the very people who make them money, but why get upset, wine, and cry about it, it doesn’t change anything. You think there getting upset, haha Nope! Have a great day.

      • samson

        I didn’t buy it for what it could be either…I bought it because it was top of the line, and was told with updates coming, it would be top of the line for a while…and right now, it’s not…it’s a great phone and i love it…I can wait for ICS, but let’s face it, VZW keeps us in the dark most of the time…and now they want even more money??? That doesn’t strike you as somewhat greedy? I will pay it, I have to, but c’mon…you really can’t admit that you have never felt taken advantage of by VZW?

        • Mikaura

          Top of the line…this is an understatement!… It is a fact that when Motorola produced the RAZR it would be considered the smartphone to be reckoned with. Does everyone know that Motorola produced the RAZR so as to attempt to secure at least 25% of their total sales on contracts in the first quarter? They actually hit 27%. Pretty impressive!

          I agree with samson, I am an owner of the RAZR and I too acquired the RAZR for what it is…it is Verizon that will ultimately determine if this phone will maintain it’s current state of success. The promise of the ICS rollout (or lack thereof) in a timely fashion is certain to diminish the trust and loyalty of Verizon customers in the future.

          It certainly has impacted my personal experience with Verizon and I will be the first to advocate to my friends and colleagues that if they consider purchasing a RAZR/MAXX that they be prepared to “Wait” for the services and updates they deserve.

          That is how Motorola/Verizon rolls…

  • Razr User

    Verizon said Q2. Wait until Q2 is over and then you may start complaining.

  • Baychessclub

    I’ve been with Verizon since they became Verizon.. I’ve stuck with them because of the service quality and coverage.. But, with the new data limiting and pricing increases… it’s just becoming to expensive… especially when a lot of the products and services are becoming less reliable… I could go on a tangent explaining all this but… the fact they remain so closed off to everyone’s complaints… chances are this is my last contract.

    AND I really like VZW… but, time to move on.

  • skippyalpine

    To everyone that’s whining, is there something that your phone isn’t doing today? My MAXX works just fine. Yea, I’d LIKE to have the upgrade also, but I don’t NEED it. Calls work, email, navigation, endless apps, wi-fi, and OMG the battery life. I couldn’t be happier with the phone, and I have had many different phones including the iphone. Most of the complaints I read sound just like my kids in Walmart. I want my toy and I want it now. The upgrade will come, until then, just enjoy a great phone that works exactly as advertised! That is an amazing thing in and of itself.

    • Owensjeff70

      while I agree with many things that you said, I don’t think the complaints … like kids in walmart screaming for toy… I purchased this phone with the promise that it would be upgraded. far too often we leave the store with the phone that is already out of date a week later. I paid to have the best phone, and a lesser phones already have updates that we should have. my point is that this isn’t simple whining… I was promised an upgrade 6 months ago, and my phone which is supposed to be 1 of the best on the market is no longer… we paid a lot of money 4 phones and plans, and we deserve an answer as to when it’s coming out… I don’t need I c s either right now, but I want to know when it’s coming… that’s only fair

      • D2tim

        ……when it gets here!!!

        • Owensjeff70

          If that’s good enough for you D2tim, that’s great…but if we set a precedent for crappy service with no regard for the money we pay, then we will have nothing to complain about later when it gets worse…and it will get worse.

  • Fbecerra76

    I guess is time to move on to different company meaning like cricket or something cheap that doesnt have impresses us or make false promises

  • Me

    Wonder if the ICS for RAZR is delayed so they can stuff even more Bloatware into the OTA update….

  • Eamanny9

    All i have to say to Verizon is to not lagg in releasing the ICS 4.0 update. According to Motorola, they are already done with the update, but verizon has not released it . I want to get a lot of apps that only run on ICS like Google Chrome. VERIZION, RELEASE THE ICS 4.0 UPDATE ALREADYYYY!!!!!!

  • Gerardskelter

    the latin america version of the motorola razr already have the ics update, the update is beatiful, and in the internet there is an option to intall the official latin american version ina verizon razr phone

  • Latinkiss2001

    If you were the owner of the original verizon xoom…it comes of no surprise that another verizon motorola device doesn’t get its upgrade as expected. UNFORTUNATELY I own both. Bad reputation for both company’s future.


    Rumors, lies and inuendo. Enought already! For Christs sake VZW you people are in the f***ing communications business. COMMUNICATE THEN. All you had do do was tell us the truth, what ever that may be. What we have here is a collosal failure to communicate.

    • Scottrazr

      Is it REALLY for Christ’s sake? Or, is it for your sake? What is so all fired important about this update that doesn’t basically amount to more CONVENIENCE? My wifi Motorola Xoom got ICS months ago (sans facial recognition) and I just find it nice to take screen shots [like my first generation iPhone did, (Android finally catching up)]

  • Anyello Salinas

    Trust me, if Q2 ends and there is no Ics on my phone, they will see a lawsuit from me, and yes I do have the resources. This is false advertisement, in December the advertisement said upgradeable to Ics, then they moved to “soon” I don’t know what the definition of soon is, but most people don’t think 6 months is soon. I have 6 others on my side, and if this has
    to turn into a class action lawsuit so be it

    • Ryan Mc

      Very well put. This was a business transaction and as such Verizon has so far failed to deliver a product for which we have paid. This isn’t a case of wHining for something we want. It’s a case of breach of contract.

  • Scottatrix

    My Razr has frozen twice and my wife’s once. They were out of commission for a day each time. My wife’s I had to wipe clean and factory reset Anybody else have this problem?
    Also, sometimes it gets burning hot. Had that problem with my Atrix too and somebody told me their Droid X had the same problem. Must be a Motorola trait.
    If I’m trapped in snow this may become a desired characteristic.

    • samson

      Take it back

  • Anon

    why would you ever expect a new android release to come out on time?

  • Mike_77a

    just got text message from Verizon, my phone is about to be upgrade to 4.0. it’s coming!

  • Amadeuss

    Free Verizon Message: Your phone will soon be upgraded to Android 4.0. At that time we will remove your Verizon Wireless Mobile IM app because it is not supported on Android 4.0. Please download a new instant messaging app to use IM on your phone. Thank you for using Mobile IM!

    Just now. Droid razr michigan

  • Jc Vasquez81

    I actually received a text this morning from Verizon! Informing me to update my apps, because of the new 4.0 update I will receive soon!!!

  • Mhyatt82262

    I just got this message from verizon about an hour ago.

    Free Verizon Message: Your phone will soon be upgraded to Android 4.0. At that time we will remove your Verizon Wireless Mobile IM app because it is not supported on Android 4.0. Please download a new instant messaging app to use IM on your phone. Thank you for using Mobile IM!

  • razrog

    i can promise you all this ics is coming very very soon to the droid razr. you guys will love it.