Verizon’s Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX drops to $199; is RAZR HD coming?

by: AdrianMay 15, 2012
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While it’s certainly not the snappiest Android smartphone out there, nor the most fashionable and it doesn’t come with a sensational screen either, the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX  has a big ace up its sleeve. We’re talking about the large 3300 mAh battery, which makes Verizon’s exclusive handheld the one with the highest economy, very easily beating the likes of the HTC One X or the iPhone 4S.

But if a strong battery wasn’t enough to make you want the RAZR MAXX, Verizon and Motorola have found a way to sweeten the deal for the 4.3″ powerhouse. Starting today, the phone is available for just $199.99 with a new two-year carrier agreement, which is a full $100 less than what the MAXX used to go for.

The unlocked version still goes for $649.99, which is a lot, even by high-end standards, but hopefully Motorola will think of slashing this price tag soon.

Aside from now being able to get your hands on one of the best Android phones for a decent price, the discount should be interpreted as good news from another couple of aspects.

First of all, the Droid RAZR, including the newly released version in blue, should get discounted too, with the current $199.99 price being simply ridiculous. The original Droid RAZR is practically identical with the RAZR MAXX , but doesn’t come with that phenomenal battery, so there’s no reason for both phones to be priced equally right?

Secondly, and more importantly, the price slashing for the RAZR MAXX might mean that a new phone will be released as a Motorola flagship device on Big Red soon enough. We’ve been hearing rumors about a possible RAZR HD, with a full HD screen, Android 4.0 and a 13-megapixel camera. However, Motorola has failed to provide any kind of clarifications on the matter.

Sure, the discount might have happened simply due to sales dropping and it could have no connection with an upcoming device’s release, but then again we think that this is highly unlikely for one reason: The RAZR MAXX is still a very popular gadget.

Verizon hasn’t announced if the MAXX’s new price is a definitive one or if it’s part of a promotion with an expiration date, but if I were you, I wouldn’t take the chance and head over to Big Red just yet.

How about it folks? Is $200 too much to ask for a stylish and snappy piece of Android technology capable of running for up to two weeks on a single charge? Will you be getting a RAZR MAXX or are you willing to wait for that unconfirmed-but-probable RAZR HD release?

  • Jaysann22

    How many versions of this phone are they going to release???? They’re turning the Droid Razr into a circus show. Colors, themes, hardware tweaks, WHO CARES!!? The new super phones are near and that’s what people are gunning for. Let the Razr die already…..

    • Hocky

      This argument is SO old and quite honestly over rated. Yes the RAZR and the MAXX came out a matter of weeks apart. But really that’s it. If the RAZR HD was a handset that was released last month, last week, or a month from now, then I could see this argument as acceptable. But don’t tear a phone apart because of the ones that came before it. The RAZR is one of the better selling handsets right now. And I’d like to hear some actual data that supports that it’s ‘dying’ instead of reading someone pulling “THE END IS NEAR” bs statistics out of their backside. It’s clear and obvious that colors and themes are a marketing tactics that are not marketed for tech/mobile geeks like the many people who visit blogs and sites like AA, PhoneAreana ect, so why even try to put yourself in that line and ask “why are they are trying to sell it to me”. The HD is shaping to be a pretty decent phone and one that will be up there with the One series, GSIII and others on the top shelf. I never bought a RAZR MAXX for personal use but I use one for work. I’m holding off with my personal handsets for the GSIII and the RAZR HD. Why? because I didn’t fall into a marketing gimmick. They are damn good devices but I just know that the HD is going to be the of the group I will spend my personal money on. But they sure as hell aren’t holding a gun to my head. And they sure aren’t dying, crappy phones just because the carrier is choosing to sell them at a less than appreciable manner.

      • Jaysann22

        I don’t and never will understand why people are offended when their phones or preference in a phone is questioned or in an overall disagreement. It’s just a phone. If someone disagrees with your tastes, the world will keep spinning. It most likely wasn’t a personal attack and if your ego was hurt I’m sure that said person is so sorry.

        All in saying, instead of launching multiple phones of the same building with new tweaks, why not just release ONE phone with all the bells and whistles. I’ve never seen a manufacturer release this many phones with the same building, with just a few upgrades within a years time. It’s ridiculous and it’s just milking the product for more than what it’s worth.

        Yes it’s a decent device but manufacturers should focus on overall quality, not a ridiculous amount of differentiation or quantity.

        What I meant by “Let it die ” was let’s relish its moment in the spotlight but afterwards, let’s move on!

  • CelticBrewer

    ARE sales dropping? I’d have the Razr Maxx right now if it wasn’t sold out everywhere for weeks when I was looking. Then I heard about the HD/Fighter and SGS3 and thought I’d wait for more details. I’m still waiting on concrete info (specifically release date) for the Razr HD.
    I was very tempted to just get the Razr Maxx yesterday when the price dropped. But I’ve waited this long… If the rumors are right, I’ll take the HD over the Galaxy S III easily. I want a workhorse with a great battery, not some idiotPhone wanna-be. Show me the specs!

  • They are all the same, Samsung, Apple, HTC they all use pretty much the same tech and sport the same specs give or take a few points on every aspect. The RAZR MAXX at least has the battery that sets the bar in my opinion.

    Everyone says mine is better but what is really better about it? You have a .1 GHZ faster, or that 0.2 inch larger screen. How about the 12mp camera instead of 8. Or the 720p over 1080p who really uses their smartphone on a large screen, or notices the difference in video quality when viewing on the phone. Honestly its all marketing gimmicks to pay $100 more for a little faster processor that probably only cost $0.05 more.

    • Rodriguez

      Ya Mon!

  • Brunswick

    I just wish Motorola would make good on the promises they already made. Unlocking the bootloader for the RAZR for starters. Pushing out the ICS update. If they don’t shape up and support their devices appropriately then the RAZR will be my last Moto phone period. I don’t care how “HD” they make it. They’re trying to milk it like they did with the original razr. LAME! Hire some people who know how to be more creative with design for crying out loud.

    • Jaysann22

      Amen brother! Well said!

  • [email protected]

    Waiting for the HD myself.

  • micirwin

    Totally waiting for the Razr HD…

  • BL

    “Unlocked Version”?

    I think there’s some confusion as to what an unlocked phone refers to. A phone purchased without contract does not equate unlocked.

    And yes I too am waiting for the HD.