Moto X

Verizon has posted on its website a Moto X sign up page for interested buyers, although the company is yet to announce official availability details for the handset.

The carrier reminds buyers that the phone is “assembled in the USA” and says that it will initially sell the handset in black and white – or Woven Black and Woven White – with MotoMaker support set to arrive later this year to Verizon.

Big Red also says that the phone will be launched in the “coming weeks.”

AT&T is the exclusive U.S. mobile operator that will offer Moto X customizing options to potential buyers, with the exclusivity deal expected to expire at some point in November.

In addition to AT&T and Verizon, the Moto X will also be available from Sprint and U.S. Cellular, with a T-Mobile-compatible version to be sold directly by Motorola.

Verizon Moto X sign up page

Pricing for the handset is expected to start at $199.99 for the 16GB version.

The rumored release date for the Verizon Moto X is August 23, with other carriers expected to launch the handset on the same day.

What U.S. carrier are you buying the handset from?

  • M3D1T8R

    $200 (contract) for the 32GB version? That’s cool. You sure you don’t mean for 16GB? I didn’t even think Verizon was getting a 32GB version any time soon. If true this would make me a bit interested in this again.

    • Chris Smith

      Yeah, I mean the 16GB version. Sorry about that, corrected.

    • Luka Mlinar

      It’s still twice the price of what it’s worth.

    • lost

      r u blind.. wer do u see 200$ for the 32GB?? i see 16GB @ 200$ ..
      god save motorola

  • superkiller

    want to know how our phones are gonna be like in the future…

  • Brad Hughes

    They ran an ad on ABC last night for the Moto X. Just images and scenes and the like. At the end, it flashed 8.20.2013. I suspect that’s when it’s available.

  • Michael Athas

    Bring it on already we’re waiting