Verizon Moto X to get MotoMaker later, bloatware present from launch

by: Chris SmithAugust 1, 2013

Moto X

The Moto X will launch with various U.S. carriers starting with late August, although not all Moto X offers from mobile operators will be similar at launch.

AT&T for example has a special exclusivity deal in place with Motorola: the carrier will be the only one to offer customized Moto X versions in the USA for a while.

However, that MotoMaker customization feature will come to other mobile operators later, with Verizon already having confirmed via Twitter that it will offer the feature to its subscribers later this year:

Considering that the handset will launch in late August / early September in the USA, that means that AT&T will have a very short exclusive Moto X offer.

The Verizon Moto X is also expected to be priced at $199 (16GB version) and $299 (32GB version), although it’s not yet clear whether the carrier will have both models in store.

As expected with carrier-subsidized Android smartphones, the Moto X will not be spared the bloatware treatment, with Verizon Moto X being singled out by both The Verge and Droid-Life for its pre-loaded software – that’s not to say that other carrier Moto X handsets will be bloatware-free though.

Verizon Moto X

The Verge specifically mentioned the Verizon Moto X when talking about the upcoming Moto X Google Play edition:

[quote qtext=”The Verizon Wireless Moto X, for example, is pre-loaded with a number of apps, including NFL Mobile, VZ Navigator, Verizon Tones, a voicemail app, a caller ID app, and a setup wizard. The device also has a Verizon Wireless logo on the back, and the phone checks with the carrier to see if tethering is enabled on your account before letting you share your internet connection.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

Droid-Life managed to score some screenshots for the Verizon Moto X version, which show nine pre-installed apps:

[quote qtext=”In the set of screenshots above, we’re counting nine (9) in total – Caller Name ID, Mobile Hotspot, NFL Mobile, QuickOffice, Verizon Tones, Voicemail, Setup, My Verizon, and VZ Navigator. Now, you could argue that a couple of those aren’t actually bloatware and that they are useful, but by our standards, they make the cut.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

On top of everything, the Moto X versions selling with carriers will come with locked bootloaders.

Are you buying a Verizon Moto X?

  • Peter Blanco

    299 for a 32 gb version? I just can’t win with Verizon can I? I wish I had any other service where I lived so I could jump ANYWHERE else…

    • End in sight


      • Peter Blanco

        Let’s be realistic here.

  • iandouglas

    No way would I switch back to Verizon for this device, even if it were free on contract.

  • dogulas

    What do you think later means? A month later? (for all carriers to get Moto Maker)

    • Greg

      AT&T has exclusivity to the MotoMaker customizations until November 1

  • jjordan

    I am not buying the moto x…there is nothing flagship about this phone

    • Matatat

      There is everything Flagship about it.

  • RaptorOO7

    Why does anyone still wan to buy a Verizon device, get unlocked, and bloat free and root to your hearts content.

  • D3Seeker

    I never understood the ‘tethering’ thing with Verizon. It’s my device using the data I’m paying for as it is. And it’s clear they will forever have way more power than they should be allowed.
    Any who, this phone will be neat all around, yet still destined for the common folk.

    • A Guy

      Root, baby, root. And then tether all you want to.

  • Oh Verizon, how you never fail to dissapoint. First you lose out at being the biggest and baddest LTE carrier to at&t, at&t almost doubles Verizon’s 4G speeds in every major market. Then you start losing out on great devices themselves, HTC One anybody? Oh it’s coming, it’s coming, just gonna be a little late… or very late at this point. Ok Xperia Z maybe? Nope. Now they are going to ruin the good devices they do get with their “droid” monikers and tons of pre-loaded bloatware. I used to be jealous of Verizon when they first launched LTE, being with at&t, now I’m just as happy as can be with my 60mb down and 15mb up.

  • Kevin Pierce

    The Verizon Wireless Moto X, for example, is pre-loaded with a number of apps, including NFL Mobile, VZ Navigator, Verizon Tones, a voicemail app, a caller ID app, and a setup wizard.

    I have ZERO USE for any of these shit apps, and on top of that, I BET Verizon will prevent the use of Google Wallet. If I have to leave Verizon to get a straight Android experience, then that is what I shall do.