Verizon Moto X just $49.99 via Moto Maker

by: Andrew GrushNovember 14, 2013

Moto X

Earlier this week the Moto Maker finally went live for T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon customers, allowing subscribers of these networks to get their hands on a customized Moto X for just $99.99. Although the Moto X was already priced more than fairly, Motorola has further sweetened the deal for Verizon customers by offering the handset for just $49.99 with a new contract.

This promotion is available directly through the Moto Maker, or even from Verizon’s website. The only catch here is that the offer is limited, and ends on November 18th.

Most Android fans probably know exactly what the Moto X is all about at this point, but we’ll briefly run through the specs as a refresher. The Moto X is powered by Motorola’s X8 mobile computing system, accompanied by 2GB of RAM. The x8 system consists of a 1.7GHz dual-core Qualcomm CPU, an Adreno 320 GPU, a contextual computing core, and a natural language processing core.

The handset’s other specs include a 4.7-inch 720p AMOLED display,16/32GB storage, a 10.5MP Clear Pixel camera, a 2.1MP front cam, a 2,200 mAh battery and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

The real magic for the Moto X is its customization options and special software features, which include touchless control and active display technology. Motorola’s flagship device proves that you don’t need to have bleeding edge specs to create a refined user experience.

For more ideas on what to expect from the Moto X, you’ll want to check out our full review.

Don’t like the idea of being locked into a contract but still looking for a low-cost near-stock Android device? You might want to hold out for the Moto G, which is expected to arrive to the United States in January with a price point of just $180 unlocked.

How about it, anyone planning on picking up a customized Verizon Moto X? If so, you might want to move quickly while this offer is still on the table!

  • Kenny Woodard

    Will Moto X not get 4.3 before 4.4?

    • NeedName

      looking like Moto skipped 4.3 all together. . . . though, not positive.

      I, personally, think Android should shift to a yearly release cycle. . .

    • lbaxter80

      From everything I’ve seen, no it won’t get 4.3. They announced 4.4 will come within the next “couple of weeks”, so I doubt they’d push 4.3 and immediately turn around to push 4.4.

      • Kenny Woodard

        Seems strange tho, you’d think a google phone wouldn’t just skip an update. Especially when 4.3 came out before the Moto X was released

    • Cecil

      Oddly, It doesn’t need to get 4.3. It has the big 4.3 features already in it’s 4.2.2 build. It’s kind of odd but it’s all said in the anandtechreview.

    • AbbyZFresh

      It’s skipping 4.3. and going to 4.4.

  • Sean

    The only version I would get of this phone is the Tmo version cause it has no branding and no carrier apps and is unlocked. It’s pretty much a google play edition cause the updates don’t go through any carrier. That’s why it got the camera update first. I’m just waiting for another price drop cause it’s 499 right now.

    • reversii

      That is not true. Updates will still be pushed through the carrier since it is carrier locked but is not on contract. There is a difference between unlocked devices and no contract devices. The only common point is the pricing. It will still be a T-Mobile branded phone with the ugly silk screen of their logo on the device. T-Mobile in general has less carrier bloatware so you shouldn’t see much in the phone. The T-Mobile version receiving the camera update early is mere coincidence.

      • Sean
      • Sean

        “The lack of Wi-Fi calling is part of this model’s complete lack of bloatware. Nothing says T-Mobile on here, and there are no T-Mobile apps.”

        “This model is also unlocked, by the way, so you don’t have to go with one of T-Mobile’s own service plans.”

        • reversii

          I am not sure then. I visited a T-Mobile store and the logo was present in their demo device and the rep mentioned that it is locked to T-Mobile’s network.

        • reversii

          Edit: I stand corrected. WiFi calling is not available.

          • Sean

            I didn’t get confirmation…I’m just going off what PC Mag is saying. I didn’t really question it cause that’s usually T’mobile’s MO. They’re pretty liberal when it comes to stuff like that…That’s why Google has been so close with them for the Nexus program. But Im gonna make damn sure it comes clean before I order mine.

          • reversii

            Well, I look forward to someone or you confirming it (or maybe I will discover someone using T-Mobile Moto X). I fully expect the price to drop to $449 or $399 before Christmas since that is in line with the price parity of the unlocked Nexus 5 and considering the Moto X as a hardware is lower spec’d than the Nexus 5.

          • Sean

            So I got confirmation. Over at XDA, there’s a thread there of people who ordered the Tmo version through motomaker and posted pictures. No branding or apps….They only thing that makes it Tmo is they added the 42Mbs frequency. Im def getting it…..when the price drops a little.

          • reversii

            Awesome. Can you post the link to the thread?

          • Sean
  • terpski

    Despite Google’s massive marketing campaign, it looks like the Moto X is not selling as well as the hype behind it.

    • AbbyZFresh

      I’m pretty sure they didn’t expect it to sell that much anyway. This seems more like a test phone.