Verizon Moto X image reportedly leaked, screen suggests stock Android action

by: Chris SmithJuly 12, 2013

Motorola X Phone Ad

The first Verizon Moto X picture has apparently been leaked, showing a test unit for Big Red with a turned on screen that seems to suggest the device is running stock Android.

Just like the rumored Sprint Moto X leak that we saw in late June, this Moto X unit also has the markings of a test unit: the “not for sale” and “Motorola confidential property” inscriptions can be seen above and under the display, respectively.

Moto X

Purported Verizon Moto X model | Image credit: Android Central

Interestingly, just like the Sprint Moto X leak, the top right corner is hidden – this time it’s blurred out, whereas in the Sprint image it was covered. Is there some sort of new sensor placed there, or is it an identifier for the test unit?

We’ll note that Verizon’s 4G LTE logo is clearly visible in the status bar, and, just like with the Sprint leak, we’re apparently looking at an edge-to-edge display with small bezels and no hardware buttons.

The Motorola logo on the top left corner is similar to Moto’s new logo, but seems to be slightly different from the one seen on the Sprint leak (image below).

Sprint Moto X

Purported Sprint Moto X | Image credit: PhoneArena

That said, we’ll remind you that while there are no official Moto X images at this time, we’ve seen plenty of leaks already, culminating with a video showing at least on Motorola exec using the device during a private gathering, and with a series of images showing Eric Schmidt talking on a Moto X during a public event.

Verizon is rumored to get the handset on August 23 as the Moto X (therefore not part of the Droid family). Furthermore, the device is expected to be available from multiple operators in the USA, with Google said to invest as much as $500 million in advertising it.

  • Jean-Claude

    Are those transparent on screen keys I see?

    • Guest


      • Farbod

        i think its the reflection of something which makes it look like transparent, though i may be wrong.

    • Nathan Borup


    • joser116

      Yes they are ^_^

  • Back2Back

    Can someone tell me what they think that screen size is?

    • Nathan Borup

      4.5 or 4.4

      • foo


        • Ted

          It’s a 4.7 screen, 100%.

      • Back2Back

        Appreciate it

  • Grimmjow

    The least they could have done is replace those ugly stock icons. Yes the phone and SMS icons are ugly according to me.

    • bozzykid

      Then it wouldn’t be stock. If you want to replace the stock icons, you can do it yourself.

      • Grimmjow

        LOL. I’m just saying man. It isn’t going to be exact stock Android anyway. I mean, the updates are in no way Going to come straight from Google since it won’t be part of AOSP. How much delay can changing icons add in delivering updates anyway.

    • Jhonbert Magana

      I agree. The sms icon at least.

    • RodneyE.Jones

      Windowsphone users never have to worry about aesthetic issues like this.. The WP8 start screen is the most customizable of any OS, and users add and remove what they want,, and configure it how they want with tiles that are actually useful… Android has useless animated backgrounds, while WP puts pictures, files, and information in the foreground of the start screen.. I guess some people like a modern, intuitive, aesthetically pleasing OS…. I hope this new Moto phone proves me wrong… Doubt it though.. I’m sure y’all will be Android fans forever.. Good luck with that..

  • That Moto logo in the top left looks pretty annoying and out of place. Will manufacturers STOP putting their damn logos on the front of the device. No free advertising. Should we start a petition?

    • phathands

      Its their logo on their own phone! They didn’t make you get a moto tattoo or put a decal on your car.

    • Diskus1

      It wont be on the product. Actually it looks like yet another IDENTIFIER, look at the cuts in the circle. There are a lot of combincations you can do from that… probably enough to individually identify each leaker of the pictures.

  • harrold

    What is in the corner for them to block both up?

    Edit: Found it :D

  • gfh


  • The Wallpaper is very ugly…

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    Am I the only one seeing the Galaxy-Nexus front here? And what’s up with the microfone right below the screen?

  • awesome

    the blurred and hidden part on the top right corner is not a sensor but an identifier code

    • kyc

      the pic

  • RodneyE.Jones

    I’m getting the Nokia Lumia 1020❕

  • tonyZ

    Hmmm very interesting phone. Me likeee. So long Samsung…

  • Arjun

    the logo and property comment and not for sale looks like photoshopped :/