Surprised? We aren’t. The confirmed details are in: Verizon has locked the Galaxy Note 2 bootloader just as it did with the release of the SGS3 on its network. Want to try out a custom ROM on your screaming fast Note 2? Sorry, Big Red subscriber. You’re definitely out of luck.

In other news about the device which shook IFA 2011 to its core, the Verizon G-Note 2 comes with button branding as seen in the photo above. That’s not a restriction, per se, but it might remind those who buy the device and want to experiment with non-stock firmware, “You’re being pwned by us and don’t you forget it!” Then again, there may be hope for those poor souls just yet.

The pictures that have been floating about the Web since last Sunday’s leak of the device being sent to Verizon, only show the device front and back. As always, we have you covered, sans carrier branding of course, on the insides the G-Note 2 and its potential to really shake up the developing world of phablets. Again, Big Red can do what it wants with its manufacturer-carrier agreements, but we think its a shame for customers who buy an Android phone specifically to play around with an open-source OS.

Verizon subscribers: Are you still considering a G-note 2 with news of a locked bootloader?

  • Figured they’d do that but since I don’t deal worth roms I don’t mind. Excited to be able to get one finally on Verizon!

  • Sgs3 owners were most definitely out of luck too. For about a day

    • wooties

      This. The bootloader will be unlocked just as fast as always. This isn’t a real hurdle for any root and rom community.

  • leoingle

    I will have this phone, but it wont be on Verizon. I will be leaving Verizon the day my contract ends in March 2012 (2 years after the release day of the Bolt). Going to either ATT or T-Mo. I am sick of Verizon’s BS they pull and sick of CDMA users getting screwed when it comes to updates on AOSP.

  • Cheerful Charlie

    Well, there is a simple solution. I plan to buy my GNote 2 from someone who actually LIKES there customers.

  • Nizo

    Another FAILURE for ‘Big Red’. Congratulations at alienating more existing customers and potential customers.