October 20, 2012
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Remember that promise that an LG official made about the Ice Cream Sandwich update heading for the Spectrum really soon? That was hinted back in July. Just when most folks are about to lose faith in humanity Verizon and LG, out pops the announcement that the long awaited software upgrade to Android 4.0 for the LG Spectrum is now ready to be served.

While the actual date hasn’t been mentioned, Verizon’s website has been updated with details of the new firmware, as well as how to get it for the device. It’s bound to arrive in the coming days.

Similar to the freshly released ICS firmware for the LG Lucid 4G, the VS920ZV7 software upgrade for the LG Spectrum also brings features like a customizable lock screen, a new launch bar, recent apps window, enhanced notification panel, data usage monitoring, power saver function, and other improvements.

When it’s finally rolled out, you should see a notification on your Spectrum for the new software, which you can then download and install. Otherwise, you can also use the Upgrade Assistant Tool on your PC.

Verizon certainly has been a roll in the last few days with its software upgrades. Are you thrilled that you’re finally getting ICS on the LG Spectrum? Sound off in the comments below.

Bams Sadewo
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