Samsung Galaxy S4 finally getting KitKat update on Verizon and US Cellular

by: Andrew GrushApril 25, 2014

moto x vs galaxy s4 aa design s4 back in hand

Late to the party, Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular are now reportedly pushing out Android 4.4 KitKat to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Confirmation of the update on Big Red’s network comes from user sightings, while the latter comes directly from US Cellular’s support pages.

So what’s new here? As we’ve seen with the other KitKat updates for the Galaxy S4, not a whole lot. You can definitely expect several Android 4.4 goodies like immersive mode and better cloud printing support, but there’s also likely at least a few minor Samsung and carrier specific changes. For example, all GS4 KitKat updates so far have brought new KitKat-style white status bar icons, as well as fair amount of bug fixes.

If you have yet to receive a notification prompting you to download the update, you can always check manually for the update by going to Settings>About phone>Software update. For those that have received the update, any other noteworthy changes or issues with the KitKat upgrade? If so, tell us about it in the comments below.

  • Isaac

    The unfortunate SD card issue that Kit Kat brings with it is also present

    • wezi427

      Why wouldn’t it be?

      • Isaac

        Just saying. Maybe somebody was wondering

    • suspiciousdude

      yeah thats a definite no for me

  • Patrick

    Just checked and downloading now. Finally. Hopefully the bootloader can be unlocked :-)

  • wezi427

    About time!

  • Jonathan Briganti

    I got the download! Was sitting there when I went and checked, finally!

  • suspiciousdude

    cant see many benefits to installing kitkat on my s4 in fact it limits sd access so ill give it a miss

    • Zman

      Amen!! I am passing also. Hoping that KitKat 4.4.3 may give us back open access to our SD cards.

      • guest

        It’s correcting a security flaw, the issue is that the developers need to recode to account for the more secure structure

    • A Human

      Definitely will leave it until the problems are sorted out like sdcard limitation plus haven’t actually seen any concrete reasons so far to compel me to upgrade it, my rooted s4 works really well and I won’t risk buggering it up!

  • Charlie

    I got the kitkat download but I don’t have the kitkat theme.

    • Chicken Luvva

      you don’t kitkat is just the version of android it runs , you are stuck with Samsung’s touchwiz unless you either root and replace the entire OS with the google edition version or alternative roms or simply install a different launcher like NOVA launcher which allows the stock kitkat look but its just skin deep everything else is sammy which is what i use as the killer app for me is the camera and you can’t beat the samsung camera app which you would lose if you replaced the OS

      • Charlie


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  • Charlie

    How do I get kitkat theme after the new update

  • Philip Casey

    I am so disgusted with verizon. First they make us wait this long, and then they give us this trash? It’s selfish enough of them to stick a whole “Verizon” intro in on startup and print their stupid name on the back of the phone, but to take so long to ‘fix the bugs’? What a load of crap. Here’s what they were doing: loading bloatware and designing their new startup intro. And guess what? Thanks to their messing with Google’s flawless Android design, when I press the side or home button to wake the device, NOTHING HAPPENS. It takes 30 CLICKS OF THE BUTTON TO WAKE THE STUPID THING. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO IF I NEED TO CALL THE POLICE AND I HAVE TO WAIT BECAUSE VERIZON WAS TOO BUSY BEING THE STUCK UP COMPANY THEY ARE?? And you know how I know this is verizon’s fault? My friend has an AT&T S4 and his KitKat runs FLAWLESSLY. As I type these words this thing lags. FIX THIS VERIZON. WE DIDN’T WAIT THIS LONG FOR THIS CRAP. SOMETIMES WHEN I CLICK THE WAKE BUTTONS IT DOESN’T EVEN WAKE UP.

    I swear this is almost as bad as having an iPhone.

    • guest

      Have you tried doing a factory reset? Sounds like a bad install.

  • littleshooter

    What about Verizon’s Note 3, hasn’t that been out as long as the S4?

  • Charlie

    Has anyone had trouble with the clock after the update? ?

  • Rooster

    Mine bugged out when my phone restarted. I’m not totally technologically savvy but the little android guy keeled over with an x coming out of his chest and it just said that it failed to download. Anyone else have this problem? I have the S4.

  • Bj Young Boy

    BJ Young Boy is wanna tell He’s customers of galaxy
    I will make soon GALAXY TUWIX
    thank u I appreciat

  • Losingmyway

    ever since I updated to KitKat when I use maps it will freeze up or just randomly shut down the program in the middle of it running. Sometimes the only way to get it unstuck or back up and running was to do a battery pull or turn the phone off completely and then turn it back on. Before the update I never had issues with this. I am just glad that when I was driving to Indiana that I had someone else with me to get my phone working again so we didn’t get completely lost.