samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one one in hand aa

Yesterday we reported that the international HTC One Mini was already seeing an update to Android 4.3 and that the previously delayed Verizon HTC One update to 4.3 would also be arriving sometime this week. The day has finally come, Verizon subscribers can now update their One handsets over to Android 4.3!

So what’s new here? Besides the usual 4.3 Jelly Bean features, there’s also several bug fixes and the ability to add your own music to video highlights. The VZ Cloud application is also now included with the update. This Verizon app (read: bloatware) allows you to back up contacts, photos, text messages and call logs. You can also transfer content to a new device in the event your handset is lost, stolen or it’s just time to upgrade to something newer.

As usual, the Android 4.3 update is being pushed out in stages, so it might take a few days or so before it reaches everyone. For those that don’t want to wait any longer than you have to, you can manually check for the update through the Settings menu.

Anyone receive the update yet – if so what do you think so far? Did the installation process go smoothly?

Andrew Grush
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  • Aaron Fox

    Got mine this morning. Took about 15 minutes and was 400+ mb. Haven’t noticed anything much different except that in the top left corner of my HTC one the icon for device management seems to be constantly running. Other than that and vz cloud I haven’t noticed much off the bat. I’ll be exploring it though.

  • Wezi427

    That’s great for HTC owners, but what about Samsung Note 2 owners. As long as we have have waited, they might aswell give us Kit Kat.

    • Mike – Construction Contractor

      Don’t suggest that… or else they will delay it 6-months and give us (the promise of) KitKat

      • wezi427

        Haha, I know. I think that I just jinxed us. Sorry!!!!

  • AndroidBoss

    Yay! Ohh wait 4.3…

  • Michael Watson

    Come on Verizon, what about the Galaxy S3 owners, it’s been about a month since Android 4.3 was pushed to the other carriers here in the US

  • richy w

    People bitching about the 4.3 uodate for note 2 its out I have it on myn right now stop moaning on any site you can its out and its fine simple.

  • Scott Horbury

    I just got my first smartphone 10 days ago so I am an amateur or a so called rookie at this. While looking up my phone on the web I found this site and read about the software upgrade so yesterday I upgraded the software on my HTC DNA. The download took about 30 minutes so I started it and went to bed. In the morning I installed it which only took 10 minutes. So my installation went without a hitch and my phone is working flawlessly. I have yet to use everything cause I’m still learning this phone but my rating for this phone would be a 5 out of 5 and a 4.5 out of 5 for the software upgrade. My only Con for the upgrade is the change of the recent apps in 3D that you could scroll through to the new look of a 2D screen of all your apps on one screen. Is there any way to bring that option back?