Verizon HTC One to replace apparently retired four-month old HTC Droid DNA? [Update]

by: Chris SmithMarch 30, 2013


There has been much talk about Verizon carrying the HTC One later this year, with some reports saying the mobile operator would launch the One as a Droid DNA Plus version, and with HTC saying at one time on Twitter than Big Red wasn’t going to get the HTC One.

But now it looks like Verizon is ready to retire the four-month old HTC Droid DNA, which has been apparently removed from the carrier’s website. Is the U.S. largest mobile operator getting ready to replace the “old” Droid DNA with the HTC One? We have nothing official for you at this time, but this appears to be the likely course of action for Verzion.

The first reports noticing that the HTC Droid DNA is missing in action when browsing through Verizon’s online store came earlier today from Droid Life. But then the publication updated the story with new details, reporting that the HTC Droid DNA can still be pre-order from a certain Verizon web page and that the handset has not been discontinued. Instead we were simply looking at an SKU change.

Then Phone Arena provided more details on the matter after talking to a Verizon customer rep who said that the HTC Droid DNA has indeed been discontinued (see image below,) which is why the device can’t be found on the carriers web store.


On the other hand, independently of these two reports, popular leak Twitter account @evleaks has sort of confirmed the arrival of the HTC One on Verizon, without providing any details on its launch:

According to insurer Asurion, AT&T will carry the Sony Xperia ZL, while the HTC One is indeed coming to Verizon, as per AllThingsD.

However, Verizon did not confirm whether the HTC One will be available in its stores in the near future, so we’ll just have to wait for HTC and Big Red to tell us more details about the HTC Android handsets that will be sold by the carrier in the following weeks/months.

The HTC One is definitely one of the hottest Android handsets right now (see our review here,) right alongside the Galaxy S4. Which one would you rather buy, Verizon subscribers, in case the One does launch with the carrier?

Update: Phone Arena has updated its initial story saying that according to “a reliable source” the HTC Droid DNA is not discontinued after all.

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    • Spoken Word™

      Adults posting that they are 1st….

    • Spoken Word™

      Adults commenting that they are 1st to post….

      • jay choi

        it’s not even that hard being first on androidauthority…

  • Mike

    That figures. Welcome to our lives.

    -Droid Bionic owners

  • Jordan Awkward

    If its the droid DNA plus it should be the black HTC one with red plastic injected instead of black or the red HTC one that magically disappear

  • yungqb7

    Still buying the GS4

  • Dave Weinstein

    why does HTC hate large screens??? they seems to have a huge case of iEnvy. ;-)

    • amine ELouakil

      It was HTC that started the big screen trend (with toshiba) remember the HD2 (and TG1)

      • spectremANDROID


        ….No, he doesn’t….. ☺

  • feres13

    The HTC One ov Verizon will be called the HTC DROID UltraBoomZoe, Verizon wanted to call it initially the HTC DROID UltraBoomFeedZoe HD 4G LTE, but HTC didn’t accept and that’s why they delayed the launch of the phone on Verizon

    • John Koetsier poyo

      this’s htc strategy..
      next year htc one minus replace htc one..

    • Jillxz

      No it won’t. iI will be called the HTC One just as Verizon Rep told me. I asked him.

  • Simpletron
  • HTC One as the HTC One. Not a plastic or other Verizonized-version.

    • Jillxz

      It won’t be a Droid DNA . I asked Verizon myself and the Rep said it would be the HTC ONE

  • RaptorOO7

    It should be in light of how outdated it will be compared to the “only flagship device” HTC will produce this year is the HTC One and Verizon is either NOT getting it or will take the internals and skip the entirely great design language HTC put into it and created another anemic Droid DNA(+) perhaps variant.

    Once again at the crossroads of dropping VZW as my primary voice carrier and just using them for my data and moving to AT&T, but it really depends on what they are going to offer on the HTC One and GS4.

  • Eric Hope

    I really hope HTC doesn’t give in to Verizon’s ill-conceived demands, and dilute the branding of the HTC One by making it another UGLY, black & red, sci-fi themed, Droid-branded mess… They should cling to the purity of their vision for the HTC One. The Droid DNA was a decent phone, but the Verizon Droid branding & color scheme that were hoist upon it were (and always have been) nothing short of AWFUL. HTC, PLEASE don’t destroy your brand by giving in to Verizon this time!!!

  • Jillxz

    Nope , Verizon isn’t going to retire the HTC Droid. It is merely going to add the HTC One to its lineup of smartphones . The two phones are quite different. The HTC One has the front facing speakers , the HTC Droid does not. The HTC One has BOOM speakers , the HTC Droid does not. The HTC One has an improved camera , Blink , and more . It comes in 32 GB and 64 GB and the HTC Droid comes in a small 16 GB and after Sense and Verizon get their stuff onto the DNA , it is down to only 11 GB . So , these two phones are are definitely not the same. Verizon will keep that HTC DNA and reduce the price.
    The DNA is still on the Verizon site . I just came from there. Verizon Rep told me that the HTC One was not coming to Verizon until later.. So maybe about June July it will be in Verizon stores ? Don’t know when , just that it will not come to Verizon until later on.

  • Jillxz

    Verizon is launching the HTC One and the HTC One. It will NOT be a Droid nor will it come by any other name.. Furthermore , they are NOT retiring the HTC Droid DNA . It is still at Verizon and will remain at Verizon. These rumors are just that people , Rumours. Please , don’t believe EVERYTHING you hear.

    I talked to a Verizon rep and asked him if the HTC One was coming under another name. he said ‘NO” that it would be the HTC One , but that it would NOT be coming to Verizon until later on. I asked him if Verizon was going to kill off the HTC DNA and he said that he had heard NOTHING of it. So , it remains to be seen , but I am not looking for Verizon to kill of the DROID DNA . The two phones are quit different.and the DNA is selling quite well. What would be the purpose in killing it off ? Makes no sense.