Verizon HTC One Max

A leaked image apparently reveals Verizon’s price for the HTC One Max, even though the handset is not officially available from Big Red yet.

The phone, which has just started selling from Sprint, will apparently cost $299.99 on Verizon with new two-year contracts, or $24.99 per month when purchased under the Verizon EDGE plan.

The image above was reportedly captured during a Verizon store concept presentation at Mall of America where the carrier talked about “’the Internet of things’ and how Verizon’s communications infrastructure is able to connect our digital lives while at home and on the go,” according to HTC Source.

In addition to pricing details for the handset, the picture also shows the phone’s Verizon branding, which is unfortunate but not surprising. After all, we’ve seen the same Verizon HTC One Max render in a supposedly leaked press image for the device.

It’s not clear when the Verizon HTC One Max will start selling in stores, but we can already tell you that the handset will be $50 more expensive than Sprint’s on-contract offer, assuming that the information in the image above is accurate.

Are you buying the HTC One Max this holiday season?

  • jjordan

    Yep I can confirm…launch on November 21st

  • MadCowOnAStick

  • Vinnie

    HTC puts a snapdragon 600 cpu in their NEW phone? Hello HTC, did you hear about the snapdragon 800 that the other companies are using in their NEW phones? And a little tip for you, the snapdragon 805 was just announced! Come on HTC, if you’re going to be charging top dollar for this you really should be putting in top dollar worthy hardware. So no, I won’t consider this phone for an upgrade.