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Earlier this week we learned that UK-based Carphone Warehouse has plans to release the all-new HTC One on March 25th at 4pm, the very day the handset is officially announced by HTC. Now thanks to in-store signage from Verizon, it seems possible that Big Red may also be preparing to release the handset on launch day.


Although neither Verizon nor HTC has yet to confirm their plans, Verizon’s in-store signage (seen on right) teases us with the possibility by showing off a box with the silhouette of a phone and an HTC logo in the bottom left corner. On the phone’s front are the words “Get ready to hit refresh, 3.25 at 1PM ET”.

Now it’s important to point out this doesn’t necessarily mean that Verizon plans to sell the handset at 1PM ET. For all we know, they could merely be opening pre-orders at that moment. Still, if Carphone Warehouse really does plan to release the handset for sale the very day of HTC’s announcement, it’s certainly possible that Verizon could be planning a similar move.

The big question now is if Verizon releases the all-new HTC One on March 25th, does HTC also plan to release the handset on the same day through other major carriers or will they have to wait a bit longer? Thankfully we don’t have much longer before we find out for sure, one way or another.

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  • mustbepbs

    “Get Ready To Hit Refresh”

    Sounds like Samsung’s motto on phone and software design. Refresh of the same thing every year.

  • dogulas

    I’m surprising myself by wondering what’s up with Verizon being more on-the-ball lately? They had the first KitKat update (on the Moto x) and now possibly this. Is it possible they have heard the many cries of dissatisfied seekers of faster updates??

  • Get Ready To Hit Refresh”

  • Ben


  • holdthiscat

    Verizon already confirmed that they will have the device available to purchase, exclusively in their stores, on the 25th.

  • I just love it when there’s immediate release after the phone is being announced itself. It’s like Charlie wanted to get the golden ticket out of many chocolate bars. :)

  • Yan Qin

    First one to release and the last one to get updates

    • holdthiscat

      I know Verizon’s reputation regarding updates, but the Verizon HTC One(M7) was among the first of the carrier versions to get the Kit Kat update…so I’m thinking you are behind the times a bit.

      • Yan Qin

        Sorry for that. I’m just an angry VS980 user.

  • Sandro

    Full Comparison HTC one: