Earlier today, we reported on new details regarding the all-new HTC One’s specs, alongside pictures of a dummy unit of the device that had surfaced in an Ebay auction listing. Now it appears that an unopened Verizon retail package has also hit the web.

The pictures come courtesy of a second Ebay auction for what is allegedly a full retail version of the Verizon HTC One (2014), which ended earlier today at a price of $499.99. The package is said to be unopened, and the auction’s wording suggests a real handset is inside — though we have serious doubts about that claim, considering the phone has yet to even be officially revealed.

htc-box-3 htc-box-1

Although it seems fairly likely that the auction listing is a scam, what about the box — could it be legit?

While it certainly looks close to what we’d expect, it’s worth mentioning that the front image could be easily photoshopped and based on the unlocked original HTC One retail packaging (seen below). We also are at least a little suspicious of the box’s back pictures, which are all incredibly blurry and near impossible to read.

Original HTC One retail packaging, source: Pocketnow

Bottom-line, while it’s possible that the box at least could be the real deal, we’d certainly take these pics with a hefty grain of salt. What do you think, is this a legit look at the retail box of the all-new HTC One? Are you excited to get your hands on the HTC One or is there another upcoming handset that you have your eye on?

Thanks to Sborkel for the tip!

Andrew Grush
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  • apianist16

    If they increase the battery life and fix the camera issues, I think we have a real winner. HTC really attracted a lot of attention last year with the first One, so I think as long as they don’t screw it up, this phone will sell quite well.

  • The Breaker

    Seriously, what’s up with this year? There are too many leaks (you have a 12 minute video review O__O). What is HTC planning, either they’re doing it on purpose to feel the market, or they have some SERIOUS security issues.

    Also guys, this is off topic, but i need help, and i think this is the fastest way to get it.
    I’m pretty soon getting a new phone, and i’m choosing between Sony Xperia SP and Alcatel Idol X, so which one should i choose (of course my first choice would be nexus 5, but it’s too expensive to buy it over the carrier)? I want a phone that will for atleast 2 years (during my contract) be able to do some light gaming (i usually spend my time online, or reading books) and i want it to be reasonably fast.

    P.S. Sorry about my english, it’s my second language :D

  • AndroidBoss

    Even the carrier version got leaked…Wow.

  • Cal Rankin

    impossible! There aren’t nearly enough LOGOS!!

  • Sborkel

    I’m the tipper (sborkel) so yeah people:)

  • RaptorOO7

    So they cut the 64GB version out and added microSD which is curious since everything we have read so far said 16GB with microSD. Still not sure that camera is worth it, two camera’s don’t make it right.