Verizon may introduce a device payment plan

by: Nate SwannerApril 13, 2013

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Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam is on record as having praised T-Mobile’s new un-carrier approach. We’re fans, also… and so are many of you. It is clearly a head-turner, putting the entire industry on notice. Maybe… just maybe… this could catch on.

The crew at Droid Life has their hands on a leaked document (below) which shows a very interesting new strategy. Under the heading regarding a customer who would like a new device, there is an option for a payment plan… much like T-Mobile’s new design. Interesting, to say the least.

This doesn’t mean Verizon is going to cannonball into the unsubsidised realm, as T-Mobile did, but it shows the value for carriers in adopting such an approach. It seems as though Verizon may have seen the light, and is inching toward this strategy. Verizon customers would probably be over the moon if this occurred.

Then again, it may be a scheme to get people away from their unlimited data plans. The heading of the document is regarding dissatisfied customers, suggesting they have people who simply want new devices within their contract. If you have unlimited data with Verizon, and sign a new contract, the option for unlimited is no longer there. This could be an end-around play for getting customers away from the unlimited data.

Of course, we hope Verizon is just dipping their toe into the un-carrier water, but only time will tell. Being complimentary of a service, and switching your business model, are wholly different entities. We just hope others are as brave as T-Mobile.


  • Greg O

    “Verizon is just dipping their toe into the un-carrier water”

    No, this would be double-dipping into their customers’ wallets. I feel sorry for the people who fall for this.

    • Simon Belmont

      Exactly. You’re paying full price for a phone, and while you’re paying and even after it’s paid off you’re paying hidden subsidized costs of the phone within your bill.

      Then they have the balls to also charge the $24 service fee too. What a crock Verizon. At least T-Mobile drops the price of the bill once you pay it off. It makes their new attempt at transparency seem refreshing, frankly.

    • RaptorOO7

      I am paying ETF just to get my two voice lines out of Verizon and over to AT&T, I will still have some data only devices, but thats a benefit of the LTE coverage (not their LTE Speeds which suck) I figured I can save $50+ a month going this way. One time hit, long term savings.

  • DannyDanny V

    My contract ends in Dec of this year & still have unlimited data( I use an insane amount monthly bout 25gb minimum). I won’t be renewing since I know ill end up losing My unlimited data , so i’ll have to purchase @ full retail . So having the option like T-mobile to put a down payment and then paying $20-$30 xtra/monthly is a bit easier to swallow .

  • liberated

    My carrier had this since forever, unlocked phones at ok prices. The thing is that they require 1 year contract but there are no hidden charges, if i dont use the sim from that carrier then i pay nothing also, only the monthly downpay on the phone itself.

  • Aereus

    It’s far cheaper in the long run to pay full price for a device, or just buy a used S3 online for half price; than to go to the Share Everything (In your wallet?) Plan with only 2GB.

    Even if you paid $650 for a phone and kept it for 2 years, that’s only $17/mo extra compared to the extra $30/mo the Share Everything plan costs. Only $11/mo extra if you keep it 3 years. Buy a used phone for like $200-300, and it’s even cheaper.

    At least until they refuse to honor the Unlimited data plans that have gone past their 2 year contract…