One of the things Galaxy S3 owners out there are anxiously waiting for is the official Jelly Bean upgrade that was promised to arrive “soon.” At least that’s what Samsung said in late August, just at the end of its Galaxy Note 2 event at IFA 2012. We’re in mid-October, and Android 4.1.1 is only available on certain Galaxy S3 models.

In case you own a Verizon Galaxy S3 version you’ll be thrilled at first to hear that the carrier has just released a software update. But the excitement will go away the minute you realize you’ll still be “stuck” in Ice Cream Sandwich universe.

Nevertheless, Verizon is “pleased” to announce the IMM76D.I535VRALHE update for your Galaxy S3, which packs several “enhancements” such as:

  • Enhanced Zooming Feature has been added to user interface for Web browsing, reading emails and more.
  • Reduced device resets.
  • Enhanced Stability in Google Play.

The update is 62MB in size, and you should complete it within 15 minutes, download included, according to Verizon’s estimates.

The official documents from the carrier, available at the links below, don’t say anything about Jelly Bean availability for the device, but we’ll definitely let you know when Big Red rolls out the official Android 4.1.1 update.

  • Andrew Scott

    I was pretty excited and then I wasn’t.

  • jaysann22

    I hate the fact my device is force updated. I will most likely leave Verizon and get a non contract Nexus device for my next phone.

    • john

      Force updated? You can decline the update by simply clicking the “Reject” button. No really sure how you are force updated.

      • tom

        You can reject for a short time then it will force the update anyway.

      • Rob

        Reject button? No such button appeared on my update notification. Just a menacing countdown.

  • John Lovell

    Is anyone having issues with the stock camera exposure after update? I change the exposure and the brightness does not change.