Verizon’s Galaxy S3 update apparently comes with 4G LTE issues for some

by: Brad WardJune 1, 2013

Verizon galaxy s3 4g lte issues

Verizon Wireless pushed out a rather large update on Wednesday that brought a whole host of new features. While the update was overall good news, some are now experiencing severe issues with 4G LTE, such as slowed data speed, says a report from Android Community.

If you haven’t gotten the update yet, it may be wise to hold off until there’s an official fix for the connectivity issues. According to a few tipsters, some people are barely only getting one or two bars on 4G LTE, and while normally you’ll get optimal speeds, it is reported that data speeds have been slowed to a crawl. Others aren’t even getting 4G LTE, as their devices are stuck on 3G connectivity.

Of course, turning on Airplane mode, restarting, or doing a factory reset would be your first thought to fix the issue, however, that doesn’t fix the problem at all. While it may not work for everyone, according to Android Community there’s a potential unofficial fix. Simply head into Settings > More Networks > Mobile Networks and change the network mode to LTE/CDMA instead of Global.

Between more camera features, Multi Window, and Mobile Hotspot improvements, the update to Big Red’s Galaxy S3 was very impressive. Let’s just hope Verizon is able to push out a fix quickly so users can enjoy this update without clunky network issues.

  • Td3

    My s3 has been messed up since the update. Hopefully this alleged fix will get me through.

  • Topcat488

    This “FEATURED POP UP” IS ALWAYS getting in the WAY!!!!! Get Rid of it or fix it. Keep it to the side out of the way, i’m hating to look at articles here!

  • Friar

    The following instructions from VZWSupport seemed to have solved my issues (caused by bloatware included in the update). Navigate to Settings>App Manager>All>Caller Name Id>Disable. Then, restart your phone and the bloatware is gone and hopefully so are your issues. Apparently the Caller Name Id app only functions through mobile data and seems to want to communicate a lot.

    • Thankful

      Thank you very much. You should get a position at Verizon ;-)

  • Tiffany Marie Ray

    I have sprint and the purple samsung galaxy III the phone came with all the updates in it my phone was working good when I first got it a couple weeks ago and now I’m having all these same issues

  • webdva

    We ran the update on three of our four phones. Kids were all complaining, thought it was just them, then I Googled and found the real issue. … our biggest problem is no one’s phones will go to full charge or barely a charge or probably take a day! Hope theirs a fix soon! I’ll wait to update mine!
    Disabled the caller Id app too.

  • vee

    having some quirks all of a sudden after update. was seeing both Wi-Fi and 4g icons simultaneously, taking out of global fixed that. think I am still seeing lte data issues.
    big issue for me is that my email search ( from exchange server) is not working. when I search inbox I believe it searches local then offers to continue searching on server. when selected and time period selection is offered, the dates do not update to facilitate the correct search. so it searches from today to today. this limits my productivity. last time I update before reading up, lesson learned.

  • Steven Elliott

    If you’re rooted, you can load the previous radios and you will be OK.

  • Bruce

    I did the update I I cant get my Contact to show up on my phone, I have no way of calling anyone due to this horrendous problem, My phone has been updating for over 16 hours. I want the old version back. Verizon now sucks in my book for this!

  • justine

    I updated my s3 to 4.3 but I seem to not have 4GLTE working. Help pleasep