The American carriers that were hoping to have the Samsung Galaxy S3 in stores around June 21 – including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile – had to postpone the actual launch, just like their Canadian counterparts did a few days ago. Certain pre-orders will be honored with some of these carriers but not all of them, and new units will not be available in carrier stores as initially planned.

Of the Big Four, only Verizon said that it will ship the device in early July from the moment it announced the handset, but it now looks like Big Red will also slightly postpone the launch of its Galaxy S3 model.

According to Unwired View, the Verizon Galaxy S3 is coming by July 11, two days later than initially expected. The phone will retail for $199 or $249, depending on what capacity you choose (16GB and 32GB, respectively) and it will be available both in Blue and White.

In addition to the Big Four, there are two regional carriers that plan to launch the Galaxy S3, U.S. Cellular and C Spire. In fact, if you haven’t decided whether to buy this Android flagship smartphone yet, then you should check out our Galaxy S3 reviews  and U.S. launch guide for the handset. Moreover, if you plan to switch from the iPhone to the Galaxy S3 and want to move your iTunes media and other data to the Android phone, there’s a simple way to do it via a free app (in certain regions) called Easy Phone Sync.

The Galaxy S3 is not the only Android smartphone delayed by Verizon, as just yesterday we heard that the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE will not be launched this month. Instead the phone is supposed to hit stores on July 5, according to a recent report.

  • VZW Insider

    This isn’t a delay. As preorders increase the ship date bumps back. If you ordered the phone when the ship date said 7/9 it will ship by 7/9. New orders will ship by 7/11. In a few days that date will bump back a few more days. Moral of the story is if you want this phone, preorder it now to avoid delays. It will lock in your shipment date.

    • bruinbiochem06

      I want to believe what you’re saying as I placed my order minutes after it was made available. Do you have anything to support your statement? Why was this information not posted in this article. I am eagerly awaiting my phones arrival…

      • bruinbiochem06

        Actually, I found an article that supports what you’re saying. I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

        Verizon Galaxy S3 Release Slips to July 11 – Eastern Morning Herald

    • Sellena

      The same for 7/10 right?

  • Goldni007

    Thanks Insider. Good news! I preordered the first morning they were taking them. I can’t wait. Sprint has gotten awful afa dropped calls and data speeds.

  • Omar Rodriguez

    I pre ordered my phone on AT&T on the 7th of June. The arrival was supposed to be on or before the 21st and sure enough I received it on the 21st. My local Bestbuy only has the Sprint version and the AT&T store doesnt have any as of this post.

  • Rybo

    Yes, Verizon has *always* adjusted their ship date like this whenever they’ve posted it in the past — according to *when* it was ordered. I’m surprised people can’t figure this out. I’ve seen numerous articles about this “delay” when it’s not a delay at all, just an adjustment for when the phone was ordered.

  • Tazman

    I went into a Verizon store (Columbia MD) today and spoke to a Manager. He said they have it documented that they will have them in store to sell by the end of the month, probably on 6/29 when they no longer will offer the unlimited data plan for anyone. How coincidental.