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Samsung Galaxy S3 owners on Verizon’s network will be happy to hear that the last-generation flagship device is receiving a major update — Android 4.1.2!

The update comes with a pretty extensive changelog noting that it brings support for features like Multi-Window multitasking, Multi-Screen, S Beam’s Auto Share Shot, and more. There’s a whole host of bug fixes for the device too. The full changelog is pictured below.

Verizon Galaxy S3 update

In addition to these changes, there’s been quite a few enhancements to make the device a more pleasant and fluid experience, too. For example, NFC is now easier to turn on, Burst shot is no longer the default setting in the stock Camera application, and a web browsing issue is fixed that would cause the device to reset. There’s a ton of others changes, which you can find below.

verizon galaxy s3 update 2

The update to Android 4.1.2 is approximately 129MB in size, and can be downloaded over-the-air. Simply go into Settings > About Phone > System updates. After that, just tap the Restart and Install button and you should be good to go. Once the process is finished your device’s software version should be JZO54K.I535VRBMD3.

Verizon hasn’t officially announced the update just yet, so we don’t know when users will start seeing it. However, it shouldn’t be a long wait since the update can be seen in the support page.

Did you get the update from Verizon yet? Let us know in the comments!

Brad Ward
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  • Mark Scott
    • Randini

      If you just got your phone within the last month, it probably already had 4.1.2 installed. I got mine on May 16th and that was the version of mine. Check settings–>About this phone to see. If that’s your version, there is no need to load, but to answer your question, if that is NOT your version, you should upgrade to 4.1.2 since it’s 1)free 2) Contains bug fixes for the original release and 3)New enhancements and features that are way cool. I may have been living under a rock, but not many phone manufacturer’s do this. If you want to upgrade an iPhone, you have to wait until they sell you the next “new” version of the iPhone….no brainer there!

  • Frank Bales

    My phone had 4.1.2 on it when I bought it a month and a half ago.

  • Arnel, Jr. Zapata

    Knock knock. I think AT&T might have fallen asleep and needs to be slapped.

  • Johann Lee

    i’m updating my phone as i type this.

  • JR Reimers

    I’ve got the update. Its swell……

  • caclark74

    This is the premium suite that the original 4.1.2 update we received in Feb was supposed to have. There is also enhanced gallery views, as well as advanced edit with paper artist. There’s also some new motion gestures like swiping with palm to take a screenshot. It’s pretty much everything the Note 2 has minus the S-Pen. Very cool!

  • Roy Rumaner

    Update killed my Bluetooth. It will not stay active, keeps turning off.

  • joey herring

    Wth verizon got the new updateand now my phone is all screwed up stuck in 3G did everything right only do still didn’t work send me a new SIM card still didn’t work this is ridiculous

  • Forethought

    Got the 4.1.2 update last night (6/24). Features are as described; no problems with 4G (in fact, signal strength is better at my work location) but software version is different, JZO54K.I535VRBMF1, not JZO54K.I535VRBMD3.