Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean source code is out

by: Bams SadewoDecember 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3

Amongst the top 4 carrier in the U.S., the Samsung Galaxy S3 variant on Verizon was the last to get upgraded to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.  Despite the delay, we’re sure the update was worth the wait. As is customary, Samsung has made the Jelly Bean kernel source for the device available.

Those who like to tinker with their Galaxy S3 can head straight to Samsung’s open source website, where the source code for the latest available ROM for the flagship phone can be found. At 187 MB, it’s not that big of a file to download.

Regular users won’t have much use for the released source code, but it should give the developer communities something to play with. For one, it should provide them with more ammunition to develop better custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

If you’re looking for some extra-curricular activities to do at the end of the year, hit the link below to get the Jelly Bean source code.

  • jcbeatboy

    The wait was NOT with it… check the Verizon forums. The battery is taking a beating, it’s a memory hog, it now constantly searches for GPS, email accounts gave messed up badly… and more. No, as much as we waited for JB…they still screwed it up and we would prefer our ICS back.

    • Ricardo Duarte

      You might be experimenting some problem with your phone or something when wrong. I don’t have any problem with my phone at all. i love the international capabilities

    • I first had issues with the update as well. Battery hog, etc. I reset the phone (factory reset) and it’s better than ever before. I’d try a reset if I were you.

  • KDox

    you have to factory data reset your Galaxy s3 after jelly bean update. That fixed all my jelly bean problems

  • factory reset didn’t work for me, i’m ready to toss the phone out the window