Verizon might have been the first major U.S. carrier to get Android 4.3 for the Galaxy S4, but things weren’t quite as timely for Samsung’s older flagship device, the GS3. While the Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and even U.S. Cellular saw the update last month, Verizon customers had to wait a bit longer.

Of course, judging by the issues that AT&T ran into with the update when it first was pushed out — maybe it’s a good thing that Verizon users were kept waiting. Either way, the good news is that the wait is finally over as Android 4.3 and the Samsung Premium Suite have now started rolling out to Verizon Galaxy S3 owners.

So what’s new here? Like the other carrier GS3 updates, there’s not only all the expected Android 4.3 features but you also get Samsung Knox support, Galaxy Gear support and quite a few added enhancements to Samsung’s existing software including things like multi-screen and multi-window support. There’s also some Verizon-specific perks thrown in, including the ability to have your Google Play purchases billed directly to your Verizon Wireless account.

Keep in mind that while the OTA has already started rolling out, it could still take a few days to reach all users. For those that have already snagged the upgrade, what do you think of the update so far? Did everything go smoothly for you during the installation process — and after?

Andrew Grush
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  • Jonathan Sosa

    Update is avalible for sprint version too

    • Daniel Sullivan

      how do you finish installing the download, im doing it now, but my phone has the android icon and it says DOWNLOADING DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET, its been like that for like half an hour tho. Is that normal already rebooted twice and it keeps up popping up like that??? HELP!!!!

      • Jonathan Sosa

        It should have finished doing it by itself, im not sure why yours is taking so long

  • Karan S

    I just updated my Verizon gs3 phone to the new OS. the update is very good and was long overdue thanks for posting this message guys keep up the good work

  • taher

    Is 4.3 working fine on Samsung galaxy s3?

    • Batman

      Works fine on mine.Downloaded and Installed with no problems.

      • taher

        Thanks for replying!
        How long you have been using 4.3?

  • Batman

    It seems to be using up more ram which could eventually result in an unresponsive phone. I never really hit the max (1.56 GB of RAM) and now I was at 1.4, I never got to 1.4. Im going to keep an eye on it!

  • Danny Cancel

    Having little issue like when I want to go to the clipboard to paste something the phone automatic shuts off never had that problem

    • Maya

      I don’t even have clipboard anymore, I don’t know where it’s gone…
      Any solutions?

  • rakesh

    I can’t upgrade me s3.
    In software update show the message you already installed latest software bur my Android version 4.1

    • Arbaaz Ahmed

      Did u root ur phone or install cwm?

      • Treymaine Alford

        iI rooted my phone is this preventing me from receiving my update?

        • Kenneth Browne


    • Treymaine Alford

      I cant either and I rooted my phone is that the reason why I am not getting the update?

  • Arbaaz Ahmed

    Iz there a s4 lockscreen on dis update?

  • Sean

    Updated my daughter’s S3 to 4.3 with no problems lastnight. Also found a surprise when I plugged my wife’s Note 2 into my computer to charge the Verizon update software said it had an update available. I downloaded it and it’s now running 4.3. I checked my OTA software update on mine and it showed it was up to date running 4.1. Plugged it into my computer and it updated to 4.3 as well. So the Note 2 update is available but not OTA.

    And Btw, I have no issues to report with it yet.

  • jason

    Update is horrible text content is shown when screen is locked. I can steal your phone and read your text without your pin.

    • luck

      I agree that sucks plus the light flashes when my phone rings. They have to do something bout it.

  • Darknight86

    My battery is draining super fast after the 4.3 update!! Not happy! I have all settings as they were before the update.

    • Digital900

      My gf has ther s3, here in the UK she got the update around 4 days ago…. since then when shes on it the battery goes down 1% every 5 -10 minutes

    • Figgy

      I also have this problem. It seems my battery lasts at least 20% to 30% less.

  • bbrucato

    Had no problem updating both my and my wife’s GS3. Running well but the jury is still out on whether battery life has been improved. I intend to clear memory, kill tasks and turn off GPS when I’m not using it and see how well the GS3 does.

  • michael

    I had to do a factory reset after the update. Battery was draining before my eyes. Turned off a WiFi advanced setting: Keep WiFi on while sleep, that might have helped but I’m still watching.

    Chrome will go black on page load until I swipe the screen a bit.

    • michael

      I give up. I ordered a new battery

    • gus

      The chrome problem after the update is driving me crazy!!

  • alan hakobe

    Not liking the update are the current methods for root and unlocking the bootloader applicable to the phone with 4.3 update?

    • Kenneth Browne

      Same story. Hope root for D2VZW I535 will be available soon.

  • Jess

    I keep having glitch problems with my keyboard and sending and receiving text mesaages after the update. Ive tried turning my on and off again and taking the battery out and still doesnt work like its supposed to.

  • Renee68

    I am very unhappy with it. Texts show when screen is locked. Bluetooth keeps crashing and shutting off, including right in the middle of a call. Can I reverse the update?

  • Carlos A.

    Does anyone know if its possible to root?… I had to flash my phone completely to get this 4.3 update… and i need root to improve battery life.

  • Thomas N Reedy

    I told you naysayers that Verizon would release its tested 4.3 OTA update to our Galaxy S3s before Christmas. So far, very pleased. Just minor issues going on to annoy the

  • atraderking

    I’m having the same problem with the battery life. I leave my phone charging overnight and still only have 60-70% charge in the morning. The battery then drains so fast it’s untrue. While typing this it has gone down 3%.

  • Park Seul Hyo

    I have an s3 and whenever I’m attempting to search if there’s an update, it says that the the latest version has been already installed. Buty android version is still 4.1
    Please help!

  • dcsdreams

    I installed the 4.3 update to my Galaxy S3 without any problems on Dec 23. No problem with battery draining any faster than usual. I do have a question about the Android Permission Request that keeps popping up even though I click “no thanks”. I hesitate to grant access to my Google account to all of the apps listed – most of which I have never heard of. Anybody have any insight into this? Thanks.

  • bald man dave

    I have S3. Updated with no problem. I do have one issue though: Every attachment that I’ve opened on my work email now appear. I can’t delete them. I’ve tried swiping left and right. Neither worked. When I open, there is no way to delete There either. Every time I get a new email or text, they all appear again. Help!

  • Julie

    This update is still a big problem! The wifi has stop working all together on my Galaxy S3. Have tried all the fixes to correct it and nothing, NADA! Here goes my data package with Verizon, sky rocketing until it gets fixed.

  • Phil

    Since upgrading to 4.3 on GS3 I keep getting notifications that two pdf downloads are complete. I clear them and a couple minutes later they’re back! For the record they were downloaded months ago. Any ideas

  • RW

    I have installed the update for Sprint. Minor problems so far, had to completely turn off Google Play because it would not stop running the background and the OS runs slow now. Now the biggest issue is when the phone rings my flash lights up. I cannot locate anywhere on the phone where to turn this annoying feature off.

  • joland

    I want ti update my S3. I still have an android version 4.1.2.. why is it i cannot update it to 4.3?can somebody help me?

  • Matt StJean

    How do I upgrade my samsung s3 to android 4.3? Recently my samsung has been randomly turning off even when battery is quite full. It works fine when its plugged in. I am thinking about testing out a new battery to see if the battery is the issue. Please advise. Send me an email at

  • ck1978

    Ugh. Update fail! A lot of nasty bugs…

  • hollentour

    Phone is acting crazy after the 4.3 update. Locks up, click an icon and some other app opens. Camera flash when receiving e-mail, could it be sending a photo somewhere too. My S3 has never given me any problems, til now. Take me back!!!!

  • JacobNelson

    I found a lot of the settings were changed. Different ringtone, volume was turned off for all notifications, etc.

  • oddjob007

    I’ve noticed a small impact on battery life too, but far more irritating is the effect this upgrade has had on probably the primary use for my phone – Email. It’s become so slow as to be practically unusable. They made it prettier, but it doesn’t work worth a damn now. Often it takes longer to receive a message than it does to boot up my tablet and log onto email that way. It’s more than inconvenient, as the upgrade has had the added bonus of slowing my SIII down as a phone too. Altogether, I’d go back in a heart beat to the previous version. This one, for all practical purposes, sucks.