Verizon Galaxy S3 global roaming support will come later via software update

by: Chris SmithJune 6, 2012

Verizon already announced launch details for its own Galaxy S3 version. Starting today, the phone is available for pre-order, with subsidized pricing staring at $199.99 for the 16GB model. The carrier is also going to sell the handset for full retail price, starting at $599.99 to those customers not interested in inking a new contract with Verizon.

However, the bad news for buyers that want to purchase the Verizon Galaxy S3 is that the carrier will only launch the device at some point in early July, at least according to recent reports. Meanwhile, Sprint and T-Mobile have already confirmed that their Galaxy S3 units will hit stores on June 21.

Like that’s not enough, we now hear that Verizon customers that happen to travel to various international destinations on a regular basis will not be able to use their brand new Galaxy S3 in those regions. The Galaxy S3 global roaming feature will be turned on only later down the road via a software update. That means the Verizon Galaxy S3 will initially be able to connect only to the carrier’s 3G CDMA and 4G LTE networks, as the GSM support, needed to use the phone in European and other international markets, will be disabled by default.

As expected, Verizon did not announce when this software update will be released, so get ready for some extra waiting. Furthermore, the carrier apparently plans to update other devices to support global wireless networks in similar software updates, although it’s not clear at this time what these devices are – HTC Rezound, Motorola Droid 4 and LG Spectrum are among the Android handsets rumored to get such updates – and when they’ll be ready to roam in GSM networks.

Is the Verizong Galaxy S3 global roaming initial unavailability a turn off for you when deciding to buy the handset?

  • Alpha_Geek_Mk2

    A turnoff? No, it’s a big plus. Well, not the unavailability part, the fact that it’s coming at all. It wouldn’t have changed my decision to buy the phone if it wasn’t a feature but it’ll sure come in handy when I travel.

  • TommyNYC

    The fact that phone will still have a SIM slot and isn’t CDMA locked is all i need.
    Pop my t-mobile sim in when in europe (right now i just carry a second phone) – problem solved.
    Pre-order placed, so glad they have the blue available as well…
    It does kinda suck about the 7/9 ship date.. but of course, as always Verizon are behind as they need time to pack the phone with their crap. But that’s easy to fix ;)

  • Jaysann22

    yeah, its a total disappointment that Verizon is releasing it so late… For being the biggest and most expensive carrier on the market, they sure aren’t making their customers feel special… :

  • Jewels3108

    Nope…… but I don’t travel internationally anyways! I’m just happy the phone is comming to verizon!!

  • pissed


  • Michael

    I just talked to a rep and she didn’t know what I was talking about…I already have one line with them and was thinking to adding another one…I guess I am not getting the S3 with ATT or Tmobile

  • World Traveler

    YES!!! The fact it is unable to be used internationally is definitely a dissapointment looks like there going to lose quite a few customers who want the S3!!!!!!!!!!

  • sgoldwa

    With the installation of an app called “Phone info”, my rooted Verizon SGS3 can access a foreign SIM with no additional firmware update needed. Already tested and working using my Spanish SIM chip from Orange.

  • repoman

    I just purchased a new S3 from Verizon and got home installed the app mentioned in this thread (Phone info) and put my SIM from the Philippines in it changed to GSM only and what do you know….it worked. I received a text to my Philippine number and also was able to send a text. I DID NOT HAVE TO ROOT MY PHONE!!! very cool. Now what am I going to do with my Global S3…HUMMM

    • dude are u serious!? it worked?! im goign to the PI in a week jsut bought a brand new s3 2 days ago and been wondering if i can use the PI sims. are u really positive!?

    • Naren

      i’m travelling internationally this week & would like to use my Verizon S3. Can you post the link to the (Phone Info) software please.