Verizon prepares to roll out Jelly Bean to Galaxy S3, puts up support docs online

by: Bams SadewoDecember 13, 2012


Out of the four major wireless carriers in the U.S., Verizon is the only one left that hasn’t pushed out the Android 4.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Sprint and T-Mobile customers have long gotten their Jelly Bean upgrades, while those on AT&T got the package last week.

Following the numerous pre-release Jelly Bean builds that have leaked onto the Web, it seems Verizon is now ready to make the rollout official, as the carrier has posted instructions for Galaxy S3 owners on how to download and install the JRO03L.I535VRBLK3 software upgrade on its website.


This ties in nicely to earlier rumors about December 14 being the Jelly Bean release date. While it’s not guaranteed, we might see Verizon making the announcement in the coming days. Interestingly, the support documents have since been removed from the website, but we’re hoping that it has to do more with the typos on the docs.  Apparently, Google Plus is the new Google Now.

More on this as we hear it. Are you ready for some Jelly Bean goodness?

  • GregSki86

    Finally, I really thought Verizon was going to make us wait till after the new year.

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