U.S. Galaxy Note 2 fans that desperately wanted to buy the device from Verizon should be happy to hear that the 5.5-inch handset is approaching its official launch. Better late than never, right?

Some of those folks that pre-ordered the device have been told that their Galaxy Note 2 will ship starting with November 27, and DroidDog apparently can confirm that Verizon has indeed started to ship the device.

The handset should be soon available in brick-and-mortar Verizon locations as well, so if you want to check out the device – branded home button included – before you buy it, then you should definitely check with your local Verizon stores to see when they’re getting it.

As for that Verizon-branded home button, well, it looks like Verizon simply had to go for this stunt, even if it obviously meant launching the device much later than everyone else – and there are four other carriers stocking the same device in the country.

On the same note, we can’t be wonder why Samsung agreed to let Verizon “customize” its Galaxy Note 2. After all, just earlier this year it proved to the world that it’s ready to take less crap from carriers by launching the same Galaxy S3 version, when it comes to product name and design, even though some internal components are different depending on what continent you get the device from.

That said, let’s hear it from Verizon Galaxy Note 2 buyers, did you get your device yet?


    Couldn’t stand to wait another day so i ordered overnight shipping, tracking says it will be at my house tomorrow! As of the logo on the home button, I know to some people it’s not a big deal but it will get old for me fast. Someone could make a few $$ selling stickers to cover it, i’d definitely buy it.

  • umm no. shipped today so expected arrival is thursday 11/29, same day as bam stores. only real advantage is knowing 100% that i’ll have it out the gate. blows too after this long ridiculous wait, crappy pricing (no BF deal), and home button vlogo. Feel like they’re sticking it to me.

    • shahin yavari

      Verizon is just mean. They don’t let their users get away with anything. They are the worst when it comes to Android phones. Locking bootloaders, filling the phones with MASSIVE amounts of bloat, and putting their logos all over the place.

  • Brian McClendon

    Hell Naw!!! Wont arrive until Thursday same time the brick and mortar stores receive it! Even though I per-ordered on 10/25, by the way…Screw @#$% Verizon for all the damn drama involved with the release, from the intrigue behind the release date, to the branded home button, to the locked bootloader and especially to that stupid HTC Droid DNA for further complicating the arrival of my phone…OK i feel better now! should have joined a forum! LOL

  • Benmartin1974

    Id been thinking of getting a galaxy note for a while. I read loads of reviews and this one was very useful http://search4reviews.net/ , I got my package last week and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure-

  • Finally

    Really don’t think anyone cares about that button anymore. We’re all just happy to finally get it. Stopping by my store tomorrow morning to see what the deal is.

  • I ordered on 11/01 and I’m pretty sure it’s coming tomorrow.

  • Learning from previous VZW pre-order and release date fiasco’s (galaxy nexus, S2 – that never happened, S3 just to name a few), and even after buying the S3 earlier in the year, I cancelled my contract and went back to Tmobile after 3 years and got the Note 2. A decision I am veeeery happy w/ !!

    I am tired of VZW’s antics with their shared data, logos, lack of software updates, fees, and more. I have decided to vote for them out of power with my wallet. I like knowing Im not the only one getting screwed by them. However, dont just complain take action !!

    • Guest
    • Brian McClendon

      The only reason I’m still with Verizon

      • Thats what I hear from most that are still w/ VZW. That and the unlimited plan. At least in my area, Phoenix, AZ, and w/ Tmo I am getting speeds that keep up w/ LTE (Not that the average user really needs LTE for anyway but why not take it if the option is out there), and I can have an unlimited data plan.

        To me it became an easy decision as the years past.

        • Note Lover

          Same here, I have the GN2 through TMO and have no regrets at all. I have excellent service (call quality & Data) and the GN2 is the best device I’ve ever owned and I don’t say that lightly!

    • Peter Blanco

      I think people are getting up in arms about this silly thing (the logo), but I will definitely agree with you about the updates! I’m still waiting for JB on my S3!!

      • I for saw that coming too on w/ my S3 after it was supposed to arrive oct/nov .. now almost into dec and still nothing. Im glad the Note was already running JB. Also Tmo usually gets updates faster since they are GSM.

        I just think the logo is ridiculous. Looks like a power move and is pointless. Nobody else does it .. why?? smh

  • Metal sticker for the home button : http://www.ebay.com/sch/uu.store/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686

    Vinyl Button for home button : http://www.ebay.com/itm/200848039382?hlp=false&var=

    I am not associated with either of these sellers.. I am buying the metal stickers.

  • martin clinton

    Just a general question to the guys in the States, are you able to use your Verizon sims in other devices? It seems they really lock people in….I wondered if it was to the extent of the sim only working on a verified Verizon phone!!

    • Dan B

      It’s more than a sim situation. VZW doesn’t allow any (non-Verizon) device on their network. Also, most do not have the proper frequency bands in them anyway.

      • martin clinton

        Wow, that is strict! I can understand people’s frustration now….if you want a particular device for a particular reason (e.g a Samsung Galaxy Beam for the projector part!), unless there’s a Verizon version of it, you’re out of luck.

  • Don’t have it yet, but it was shipped yesterday. Says the 29th by 4:30…..UGGG the wait!

  • Peter Blanco

    Mine shipped! But seriously people, its a logo on a button. If you’re not getting the phone because of that, you don’t deserve what this phone has to offer in the first place.

  • jayg

    shipped yesterday fedex have tomorrow my bionic is dying a slow death so i cant wait checked out phone at at&t liked it a lot it will worth the wait the blogs have all been positive except some about the size not a problem for me