Verizon Galaxy Note 2 images suggest phablet is coming soon, Verizon Home button branding included

by: Chris SmithSeptember 15, 2012

Confirmed to be launched by the end of the year in the U.S., the Galaxy Note 2 is starring in a variety of leaks that suggest that Samsung’s second-generation phablet is heading to at least five American mobile operators, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular.

Moreover, just yesterday we heard that AT&T’s version could hit stores as soon as October 21, putting it on par with the international Galaxy Note 2 launch, which is scheduled for the same period.

Now we’re getting to look at Verizon’s Galaxy Note 2 model, the Marble White version, that has been reportedly captured on camera. The device has Verizon branding on the back but also on the Home button, which is very strange. Why would Verizon go through all this trouble to brand the Home button of the device? Isn’t enough that carriers fill up Android devices with lots of crapware and play a major role in delaying Android updates, do they have to also make sure their brand is clearly visible on all sides of the device?

In case the Home button branding is real, will we see it from other U.S. carriers as well? Would such shenanigans ‘help’ Verizon delay the launch of the new Galaxy Note – since Samsung has to produce all those custom Home butons and back plates?

Maybe the Android maker should take a(nother) cue from Apple, and prevent carriers from having a say in what goes on the phone’s case. Better yet, remove all the carrier branding and only show the maker’s name alongside the product name.

The images could be fakes, which is probably what future Verizon Galaxy Note 2 buyers are hoping, but we’re definitely going to keep you in the loop.

  • Mitul Mittal

    Kinda cheesy imho lol

  • Looks stupid…lol

  • I really hope that’s a bad Photoshop. :(

  • I dont mind the branding on the back, but the home button just looks tacky. If I had a Note 2 from Verizon, I would carefully scrape the image off with a razor blade. Yeah…its so ugly I would risk having a rough, jagged home button that have that on there

  • agag

    if thats true i’ll just make sure those ugly brand name will not appear on my gn2. just put a sticker on the homebotton and change the case


    It’s a sticker…

  • juddd

    that verizon home button will NEVER happen.

  • Alex Cordova

    I have verizon and looking to upgrade to this phone. But if thats true I will take some of my wife’s finger nail polish and remove the home button one. But I hope thats not true. I enjoy the service but come on. I will already be locked into a 2 year contract no need to remind me when I use my galaxy note 2, I just want to enjoy it :-)

  • Tonya

    I don’t mind the branding on the back but the home button? That is just ugly. I would get out some nail polish and cover that up. I don’t want all the crap ware on my phone! I have verizon and my current android has 26 appspreinstalled that I hate! They are always running and you can’t delete them. What good is an awesome battery life if the pre installed spps kill your phone and cause lag. If like to buy my phone directly from Samsung no branding no crap ware and use with my service. Is that to much to ask for? We all pay enough in monthly fees just to have a cell phone why punish us with crap ware? Give us true freedom.

  • Peter Blanco

    It’s just a logo… if that deters you from the phone, you don’t deserve this beast of a phone in the first place. It’s just a logo -_-