Verizon Galaxy Note 2 getting Gmail and YouTube multi-window support soon?

by: Chris SmithNovember 30, 2012

Verizon has just started selling its own Galaxy Note 2 version, and it looks like consumers are already asking Samsung questions about the future of the device,  particularly about the multi-window feature. One user who is apparently interested in seeing Gmail and YouTube in multi-window on the phablet contacted the company via Twitter asking why these two apps can’t be used in such a way.

Samsung answered his question revealing that the two apps will soon get multi-window support, without actually detailing launch plans for a software update that would bring such functionality.

In time, probably more apps will get such support from Samsung. But if you have purchased, or are planning to get a Galaxy Note 2 from Verizon you should be aware that right now there aren’t that many multi-window-friendly apps to choose from.

However, Droid-Life also points out that one particular app downloaded from the Play Store, Total Commander, already populates the list of apps that can be used with multi-window after is install. That seems to indicate that developers could offer multi-windows support in their apps, although that still remains to be confirmed by Samsung.

While you wait for more apps to support multi-window, let us know what apps you’d like to use in such a manner on the Galaxy Note 2!

  • Note 2 is the Best

    I like to see every single apps on the multi-view feature. Right now!!!

  • Abdullah Naji


  • I’d like on-screen multi-tasking; period… So far no news from AT&T on when they will roll the firmware upgrade.

  • Tom

    dont get your hopes up…the tmo variant(which came out earlier) didnt even see it yet

  • utvballman

    Now if there was an easy way to get the Verizon crapware off the GN2, I would really be a happy camper

    • Kurt Andersen

      I think you can root and get rid of those things. The advantage of Android is that it can be easily rooted.

    • Dingus Kahn

      You may not actually be able to delete them, but you can hide them. Out of sight, out of mind. Like the NFL app, several Verizon apps … gone from my Note 2. Hit the menu button while viewing apps. Find HIDE on the pop up.

  • androidizen

    Any app can run in the Multi-window its not dependent on operator or Samsung just root and you can run a few addons that will give you control of what apps appear in the list.

  • JasonandKeisha Hatcher

    Assistant or everfriends, Camera, camcorder, Google maps, Netflix, mobo player,
    d i radio, tune in radio. That’s just a few of the most important ones for me.

  • andy

    korean version can add 3rd party apps on multi windows….