Verizon Galaxy Nexus Now Has a Spare Battery Charging System

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 30, 2012
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For anyone who’s having issues with the battery life of their Galaxy Nexus, here’s some good news to share. Verizon now offers a Galaxy Nexus Spare Battery Charging System to enable charging your battery on the go. While the spare battery charges, you can sit your phone on the stand to provide you an optimal viewing angle that lets you read, watch movies, or listen to music through your device.

Apart from the Spare Battery Charging System for Verizon Galaxy Nexus, you get a MicroUSB wall charger and a standard 1850mAh battery. You can get this for $39.99


  • Bob

    That came out day 1 for the Nexus.

  • Mark

    good luck removing the back cover and getting it back on after several battery changes.

  • Bkkk

    This has been out of stock for weeks. Cool story.

  • AlphaRider

    This phone cannot even last for 4 hours on original battery! I can’t even consider the original battery to be a viable option for use. Doesn’t matter if you have a charger for a poor battery!

    End up I have to to use an extended battery to lengthen the power life of this phone. So far the Qcell extended battery last me through a day which is an acceptable usage for me

    • TaylorTaylorTaylor

      4 Hours? What are you doing?
      I had an issue where my Galaxy Nexus battery life all of a sudden went to crap, but it was due to a hardware issue (the phone constant thought it was charging when it wasn’t plugged in) and Verizon replaced it. I usually get 12-16 hours on battery.